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24 March 2019
I had Redmi Note 5 pro and I wanted to buy Redmi note 7 pro but I got really sick of their flash sales trick. Hello Redmi, if you are listening, you lost a customer to Samsung because of your greedy cheap tricks.

Pros and cons combined -
1) If you are coming from Mi-ui it takes few days to get adjusted to Samsung one-ui. But again, I don't see a problem in the long run.
2) I tried Samsung pay mini for first time buying groceries. Trust me, it's super easy and I can switch between PayTM / Bhim in a giffy because I use different bank accounts.
3) Samsung pass is another thing which I loved. In this digital age remembering passwords is next to impossible. Samsung has this password manager which only opens with your biometrics. Brilliant! Also, it autofills fields from Samsung pass. Even brilliant!
4) Earphones given with this phone are bad. I bought new ones. But that is acceptable at this price range.
5)The length of charging cable is too short. If you have a spike buster on the floor, it won't even reach the study table. I had to buy new USB to type-c cable with a bigger length. This you will get in a local shop for 200 bucks.
6) Super Amoled screen is absolutely fantastic. All that extra money you are paying over and above Redmi note 7 pro is for this screen . It looks very premium, Lovely colours and also saves battery . I am somebody who watches a lot of videos on YouTube and stream a lot of shows on Netflix. This is a perfect mini-tv for me. There are so many features to adjust the screen types and blue colour . It's brilliant and less strain on your eyes. So 5k extra may look premium price but I don't regret it because of the lovely screen quality!
7) Adaptive brightness sensor is extremely brilliant. It keeps learning your patterns and it understands so well when you go out of the house or come in to the house . I had this problem with Redmi note 5 pro where I adjusted the screen brightness way too many times manually.
8) In screen finger print scanner is good if not brilliant. Initially I thought it was badly designed because it took some time to unlock. After a few days you will understand how to keep your thumb and it unlocks in a giffy. Also one more point to add here is , if you put a screen guard you have to remove the fingerprints and re-add them . This is totally justified because the system has an additional layer in between screen and your thumb. Once you remove and re-add, It works like charm again :)
9) I can use both my SIM cards and also a memory card. This is excellent because I have loads of songs , pictures and files etc in my memory card. I don't store anything on my phone storage . I can just move the card from phone to phone hassel free and also at the same time not sacrifice a SIM card slot. This is one of the easiest and practical ways to do data transfer. This is why a dedicated memory card slot is very important. Who will sit and copy data for hours together ?
10) Both front and back cameras are good at this price range. I may agree here that the images of Redmi note 7 pro might be slightly on the sharper side. But the difference is not so much . Sorry for being vernacular here . As they say in Hindi , the difference is "unnis-bees ka farak" (the difference is like difference between 19-20). Basic users like me don't even need to care for these very very minute details.
11) 4 GB ram and octacore processor is more than enough for doing regular things like food ordering, online shopping on Amazon, bank transfers. What else everyone does other than WhatsApp, FB, Instagram and LinkedIn? Nobody should be even remotely worried about processors and ram . 90% of the mid aged working class people don't do anything other than these and these specifications are good enough unless you play games. I don't play games so no comments there.
12) Cellular call quality is good. Nothing to worry. Both SIM cards work on volte.
13) 25 Mp front camera is brilliant for WhatsApp video calls. I don't know how but somehow I see Skype not hanging in this device. It runs smooth.
15) I didn't like the Samsung keyboard. I use gboard from times immemorial. This is more of a personal keyboard preference.
16) Battery is excellent. I binged a complete show of 8 episodes on Netflix for 6 hours. I still had 15% battery.
17) The weight balance of this device is excellent. Neither we feel top or bottom heavy. I had this issue with Redmi note 5 pro. I somehow thought it was top heavy and flipped out of my hand sometimes.
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