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18 February 2019
Update - 25th April
Amazon has given up any support on this product and has asked me to work with the seller directly. Please note that seller/manufacturer are one and the same, just different names. So after lot of back and forth they agreed to fix if I buy THEIR stabilizer on AMAZON. So few days back I spent ~5000 more to get the stabilizer. And note that their stabilizer clearly shows that my input voltage is good with no issues at all, but all this time they claimed our voltage was the problem. Anyways now when my wife called they are asking to remove the negative comment and only THEN they will visit my home and If we wont remove, they wont provide any service. AMAZING. My Wife asked them to fix it first and then we will remove the negative comment, but they did not budge and were shouting at her. Finally I had to step in and they are still saying the same. They just scammed me to buy 5000 rs item to get 40000 item work, and now they are not even willing to fix it anymore. I just spoke to Amazon customer care and they are telling that they are investigating (its been a month now since last complaint).

I have all the proof about this illegal behavior and I have decided to pursue this legally. God help me as I don't have any other option!


I brought this product around 6 months back but barely used it even for a month. The service these guys provide is absolutely terrible. They have till now shipped different parts four times, the services guy has visited our home 5 times and my wife must have spent 100's of hours on phone following up. And the treadmill still does not work!

Updated Review (in response to the sellers feedback)

Now that you have responded let me give a detailed account.
Treadmill stops working. We reach out to customer care. They ask us to send a video which we did. After watching the video the customer service rep claimed that the motor PCB got burned out because we did not maintain it properly (we did not even use it for one month, so we were sure it was not because of maintenance issues). Anyways we listened to her and they shipped the Motor PCB part. After couple of weeks the part finally arrived. After multiple followups few service technicians visited our home. In a hurry they replaced the send part and they switched it on and it did not work. Now they literally scratched their heads and finally when we pointed to the PCB below the display they opened and confirmed that it is damaged (finally agreeing with us and also verbally insulting their bosses saying they are idiots who don't know anything). So finally they said the new part will be shipped.

We waited couple of weeks and a new part arrived. After few followups the service guy came again and in a hurry changed the part. Again it was not working. He called his manager while scratching his head, cursing below his breadth, and they said they send a wrong part and that new parts will be delivered again.

After couple of weeks they delivered a different part. After followups the technician finally came and did mix and match like always, like a little kid tinkering to fit the parts along with the wires. Finally Nada! It did not work again. Again after so many calls and followups they said another part needs to be replaced which will be shipped. Yet Again!

Fourth shipment: Finally they send us a fourth shipment. The technician came again after few followups. Finally he could get the thing working and you should see the look on his face. Delighted yet surprised. So he said its all fixed and showed it to me. I ran it for a min or two and it seemed fine. He left. Then we ran it barely for 6 minutes and there was a huge blast sound. Few phases of house tripped. We have a two part safety switch, part one that trips at our home, and one main trip-switch central to the apartment. The machine was so faulty that both the trip switches got triggered! Now when we call the customer service they claim that its a voltage fault at our home!!!

I got my electrician to check and confirm that the voltage is all right (with in the operating range mentioned on their website). We have ACs, Washing machine, Cooler, Owen, Fridge, TV, Mixer, Grinder and got knows what electrical items and all of them are working fine. While they wasted months to fix this and when they could't they are finally blaming the voltage! ROFLOL. If voltage was the problem couldn't they have told us months back.

We have definitive proof of how they were consistently wrong both in assessing and fixing it, right from the beginning. In the very first instance we told her that burnt smell is coming from the board behind the display and the customer service lady argues that the motor's board has got burned because we did not maintain the machine. Consistently they tried to blame us while the product was defective all along.

And even the service guys are clueless. We had a total of four shipments and every time a new shipment arrives, the service man hurriedly tries to replace it, do a mix and match of all wires to just make it work. He tries each and every permutation and combination until it works so it was only a mater of chance that it finally worked after fourth shipment. But given that it was so poorly fixed it didn't even last 10 mins!

And you should listen to the service lady, agitated, rude and sometimes not even showing basic courtesy. I could hear her boss scream at her in Hindi to inform us to get the voltage fixed or get lost! Amazing! First time such a terrible experience at Amazon. I do lakhs of shopping every year on Amazon because we trust it but this particular seller has been terrible. I wonder how many of those positive reviews are fake. And this was not just terrible experience overall, but it was fixed so badly that it was a dangerous electrical hazard. Just think about it? Is it worthy to risk exposure to such a dangerous product and get yourself electrocuted?

I have been busy last few months at work and following up with these guys. My wife has almost gone half crazy and the very sight of that Treadmill gives her jitters. I am at my wits end to write this lengthy review in hope that some future buyer can read this and avoid the trouble. Unless you live in a far off place where Amazon is the only option available to you, you are better off buying this from a local store. Couple of hundred bucks is not a major cost when it comes to your piece of mind and safety!

And last point - in fact I saw one guy an year back write a similar review. I kind of ignored it to my own peril and went ahead and purchased. But man I should have paid attention!!
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