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23 April 2019
The moment I found out what Enchantée is about, I was sold! I needed to read this YA Historical Fantasy Fiction set in France in 1789. The first chapter started off on a high note and I was hooked, mesmerized by everything that was happening. The plot develops quite slowly at first but in a good way. I was so glad there wasn’t too much of an info dump right off the bat. Instead, we get to know the main character, her family and other side characters – their problems, hopes and goals, their motivations and fears.

I loved the story for the most part. Getting to experience Paris, the Palace of Versailles and in that time period was one of my absolute favorite parts of the story. I also liked how magic was woven into the story. On the one hand, it can help Camille get through the day and provide for her siblings but on the other hand, it has a price and can easily harm you or put a target on your back.

I just had a bit of a problem with the pacing and the length of the book. I enjoyed the plot twists and the undercover con vibes – but things seemed to resolve too quickly towards the end without proper punishment or justice or taking the time to savor the turned tables. I wanted just a little bit more over the top drama. Things were tied up too abruptly and lightly at the end, for my taste.

The writing was lovely, easy and fun – the audiobook was great too! I especially loved the random French phrases that were sprinkled throughout the story – made me so nostalgic! I’ve always had a love for the French language and it gave me great pleasure to read this book and connect with the story and the magical and atmospheric writing.

The main character, Camille, is brave, loyal, protective, caring and very strong. For most of the book, I really liked her – how she was willing to do anything for her siblings, then stood up for herself when she needed to. At great personal risk and cost, she used magic to disguise herself and participate in games at court.

In the matters of the heart though, she comes across quite naive and scared and that annoyed me a little. It’s good to be cautious and all but she was constantly doubting everything to the point that she was in denial of what was right in front of her.

The romantic interest is charming and sweet and also trapped in a seemingly impossible situation like Camille. His father is French and his mother is Indian, and he’s had to deal with a lot of discrimination, snide comments, never felt like he belongs etc. But he’s wonderful and I just liked their chemistry so much!

It's set in 18th century France right before the start of the Revolution – such a fascinating time period for me to read about and I loved everything about it! The growing unrest among the ordinary folk, the hatred for the nobility, the simultaneous need for and fear of magicians. It was AMAZING!

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. I was definitely enchanted with the plot, the setting, the characters and descriptions etc. And since I’ve heard that there will be a sequel, I’m even more excited! I can’t wait to follow my favorite characters and see what happens during the revolution when there’s la magie involved!

Recommended To…Fans of Historical Fiction Fantasy, slow-burning YA romances, France or the French Revolution.
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