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21 October 2017
I was waiting a long time to to write this review. First I want to tell that the type of dandruff(seboric Dermatitis) I had, was there for almost 15yrs but finally it is gone for good.

I have tried multiple doctor and skin specialists but everyone gave more or less same medicine to cure it which gave temporal relief. None of the other products work on dandruff anymore. I now believed that my dandruff condition is going to go with me. I will have to live like this only.

One day while searching for new anti dandruff shampoos I came across this product. At first I was hesitant ordering but then they were priced at steep discount so I ordered this hair oil bottle.

Finally the order was delivered on third day. From day one I started applying this oil (although doctors told me never ever to use hair oils) I got relieved right from the first application. Yesterday after my fifth application I didn't see any flakes or any other signs of dandruff. I was so excited that I made up my mind to write the detailed review of this product. BTW it is my first ever detailed review on amazon. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone out there who are suffering from severe dandruff like me.

PS: I have oily skin and it doesn't breakout after application of this oil.
PPSS: :) It leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Totally in love with this Hair oil.
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