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2 April 2019
Book :- The heist artist

Author :- Vish Dhamija

Publisher :- HarperCollins publishers

My ratings :- ⭐⭐⭐🌠/5

My review :-

Being a criminal or a conman is bad. Every single one of us knows that. But why do people turn out to be criminals ?? Is it the cruel nature of the society that takes advantage of the situations and turns them into one ? Or is the need and greed of the individual itself that leads them to the path of crime ? Only the man himself knows. But are they really bad ?? What would be their perspective of the story ?? It's unknown to the world unless we make an effort to know it. I have said all of this because the book 'The heist artist' is one that is a story of conman and criminals, narrated by a lead thief himself.

The book 'The heist artist' by author Vish Dhamija is a story of a heist as it says in the title itself and cover perfectly shows what the material of robbery is. The cover is attractive and very close to the story as includes the material being robbed and the title is a perfect suit to the story. Coming to the writing style of the author, it's interesting that the narration is carried out completely in the point of view of the thief rather than the point of view of third person.

The language used is simple and easily understandable and doesn't bother you with complex vocabulary. The flow of the story is smooth and goes at a medium pace. The highlight of the story is the continuous turn of events that keep the readers hooked to the book and makes it a page turner. Also the character development and the chronology of events and the work put on at taking care of minute details and places is commendable.

There are a few drawbacks in the book. The major one is the predictability of the events. The events that take place are quite easily predictable after a few pages read. Also the story is focused too much on travel and escaping the trails and plans of travel which takes out the thrill after some time. There could have been a lot more interesting things which could have been added and made it more thrilling. The additional and too much detailing of a few elements coming in the story could also have been avoided which could have made it much more interesting read.

Overall it's an amazing and thrilling story of a robbery and escape after it. If you are a fan of thriller and enjoy adventurous books, this is a must for you.
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