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4 November 2016
Genre : Fiction

Publisher : Om Books International

Book Length : 207

Price : Rs.195

Cover : The cover of the book is quite fascinating.An animated graphic representation of the mythological characters of 'Ramayana' along with the 3D image of the protagonist of the novel,a twelve year old boy Arya is very beautifully presented on the front cover of the book.The title of the book is imprinted in glossy white, in uppercase font on a fading crimson background,at the upper edge of the front cover.The name of the Author is also inscribed in at the very bottom edge.The back cover primely consists the blurb about the novel along with the invaluable view of national award winning actress,Kirron Kher.

Title : The title is apt to the content of the novel.The novel has a balanced amalgamation of mythology and a streak of moral teachings which definitely has come up with the positive note of the glory of good over evil.The plot of the novel mainly centres around the life of a twelve year old boy Arya from San Francisco who is ridiculed by bullies,in his middle school days due to his ethnic way of living and things.The author has done an excellent job as the novel is a well synchronised one and lucid in language.Moreover,the pinch of realism in the cuisine of fantasy features the novel as a magnificent creation to tender aged.

My Verdict : 'When Arya Fell Through The Fault ' by Reenita Malhotra Hora is a worthy attempt on part of the author to uphold the core preaching of the victory of good over evil irrespective of the circumstances or the time they live in.The story mainly fosters to provide its young adults with the knowledge of striving over all negatives in their lives,even in the most grave situations.The novel essentially revolves around the life of the twelve years old boy Arya,who has turned up to be a bullied character by his classmates because of his ethnicity and uniqueness.The constant humiliation that he had gone through day after day gradually changed him and compelled him to take up the ways of evil despite his mother's rigourous warnings.Ultimately one day Karma paid back and it was because of Arya that his mother faced a severe accident,which left his mother in the state of coma.Arya soon regained his conscience through this massive jolt from destiny and gets back to his senses,leaving behind his evil ruins.It is in this part of the novel where the plot takes a dip into the ocean of fantasy as Arya struggles to defeat the evil lord Ravana deep within himself to save his mother.An unexpected culmination of the novel which will leave its readers in a bit of distress and mystery about the happenings.Overall the book was a brisk read and is a real treat to its young readers.

Ratings : 3.5* / 5*

- Diptendu Mandal.
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