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20 September 2019
I recently had the misfortune of reading the aforementioned book. The language used in this book is so abysmal that I am rendered speechless. The book is replete with egregious errors, faulty sentence construction, use of prepositions and parallel structures. All this takes away the significance of the topic that the authors are trying to address.

It is also a grim reflection on the publisher to have published this piece of trash without being properly copyedited, or maybe the language was so poor that even the editors threw in the towel and ran away. I did not expect such shoddy work from such a renowned publishing house.

It makes me wonder how the publishing house was able to round up reviewers who wrote comments such as "a very enjoyable read ..." on book jacket. Enjoyable it indeed was; all of us had knots in our stomachs laughing at the meaningless sentences and grammatical errors.

In good faith, I contacted the authors about these mistakes but they wanted me to send them a detailed list of errors (page numbers and corrections). I would have to have to quit my job and work on this full time for months end before I could list all the errors and their corrections.

I will recommend "The Hidden Life of Trees" by Peter Wohllenben as much more organized (and grammatically correct) exposition on the topic. I even gifted a copy of this book to someone before reading it; thereby making a fool of myself.
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