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26 January 2017
with all the fake reviews N reviews that don't say jack about the product n just seem like whole lots of people are merely mumbling. Let me say my 2 true bits. The tea light starts the burn process right, but, after about .45 mins later, it's only melts the wax around in1/2 inch diameter leaving the rest still hardened n untouched. This leads to expedite the burn rate of wick and you are still left with close to 60% wax left unburnt. Basically, the flame olnly melts the wax around less 1/2 inch diameter and once that is used's goes off. Not worth it....definetly a defective product.

I've melted the left over wax and placed it in those shot glasses and used the street candles wick...n boy that works great. You can add a drop of food colour to melted wax for color scheme n those do look good while burning.
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