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13 December 2018
🎱AUTHOR :@TARUN DEEP SINGH @tarundeep2975
🎱GENRE: PHILOSOPHY :MIND &BODY (Self realisation)
There is seeker in each of us...the learner would be the precise word according to me...and the best way to seek the truth is finding ur own perception and then discussing it to get a larger perception....
☀The book puts up a journey to enlightenment....
☀Which highlights the authors clear mind logical understanding....the book is straight with practical understanding towards its approach...
☀The book has question certain unwanted beliefs which we just fallowed without any validation or truth...
☀There is subconscious understanding within oneself while reading carries topics which is carried by man all his life which becomes the cause of his pain such as ego ;Greed;Selfishness, Grief etc
💙the most beautiful thing in this book the author perception on acceptance of truth and getting up again than holding and grudgingly on it...
☀There are various charts and quotes from books like gita and also wisdom shared by various know wisdomist such as Guru Nanak;Kabir;Buddha etc...
☀I loved Faith vs hardship and Death the biggest lie
☀the book underlines various interesting topic which is eye opening and author has also give points below the page for better understanding
☀the book very well lacks in reaching the large audience because I feel the book is really good but language is only for adult reader which acts as a weakness of the's not a easy to go read...or audience friendly....and not a quick read
☀the cover of the book is so much grabbing ❤❤and can say I'm in love with it....
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