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3 June 2019
Product works, easy to install and small in size. But two big pains makes it a NO NO.
1. Schedules not saved in the device. When the AC mains power is lost, schedule is lost!. What a senseless design not saving schedule in non-volatile memory!.

2. Access over internet is a pain. Most time it doesn't work. Although the app creates a user account, there is no cloud connectivity and managed connection over internet. We have to setup a dynamic dns entry and open port in the home router. In some routers bit doesn't work properly. In some (Dlink) it works, but many cases timeout and no connection from internet.

If these issues are fixed, it is a good product because only minimal rewiring is required comparing to all other products. But these guys just failed in these simple things. I sent mail to their support, after explaining the issues they are not responding.
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3.8 out of 5 stars