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Want to show how much you care about the future of our planet? Then celebrate this Earth Day by shopping online on Amazon India. We bring you a host of organic, eco-friendly and power-saving products, all at affordable prices. Since 1970, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd and today, it has grown into a global event recognised by over 192 countries. So along with planting a tree, making a meal with locally-grown vegetables or cleaning up trash in your neighbourhood, you can join the movement by shopping for ecological products from Amazon.in. Right from Kindle E-books to solar bags, organic fertilisers to eco-refrigerators, organic clothing to eco-friendly toys and more, we have everything to help you choose your best Earth Day buy.

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Chemicals are taking a toll on our environment and human health as a whole. Therefore, here at Amazon India, we store eco-friendly jewellery for women from brands like ARTWOOD, Exclusive Indian Handicrafts and more. From Terra Cota jewellery sets to handmade necklaces, colourful shell jewellery to wooden earrings and more, you can pick the jewellery of your choice on our website. We also have soft and comfortable organic cotton clothing for women, men and children. Be it shirts and pants, socks, skirts and blouses, towels and bathrobes, sheets and pillowcases, you can choose from a wide variety of apparels made from organically grown cotton. These clothes are free from harsh chemical bleaches or dyes, and are available in a range of styles. Shop for natural beauty products from brands like Khadi, The Body Shop, Biotique, Forest Essentials, Himalaya, Shahnaz Husain and more to get flawless and radiant skin, reduce hair fall and take your beauty experience to a whole new level.

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Show your love for the planet by shopping from the Earth Day Store on Amazon India. Eco-friendly refrigerators play a very important role in helping the environment by reducing your household energy consumption. Shop for one from brands like LG, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier, Samsung, Kelvinator and more for your home or office and help save the earth. If you want to live in a pollution-free home and breathe clean air, we have air purifiers from multiple trusted brands like Kent, CPEX, House of Quirk, Ion Shower, Philips, Panasonic and more. Go paperless with the various Kindle models available on our website. The device lets you get into your love of reading without getting interruptions from email alerts and push notifications. The Kindle is lighter than most paperback books, which makes it convenient to hold in one hand for lengthy periods of time. If you are a frequent backpacker, we have solar lanterns that are ideal for camping and emergency situations. These lanterns are lightweight and powered by solar panels built into the case.

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Let’s get big things done for our planet by shopping for little things online on Amazon India. Switch to a healthy lifestyle; savour the finest organic food products like rice, pulses, flours, herbs, spices, oils and more, everything delivered right at your doorstep by us. Buy a host of eco-friendly wooden toys for your little one and teach them the value of living a green life at a tender age. Pick 3-D Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Floor Puzzles, Pegged Puzzles, Framed Puzzles, and much more from brands like Ollington Street, Skillofun, anindita toys, PIGLOO, MFM TOYS and more to provide great learning aids to your kids. You can also buy the exciting range of Eco-Drive watches from Citizen. These solar power watches come in various models, types and prices to suit your style and budget.