Torrential rain has hit Kerala with the result that there have been landslides and a grim flood like situation. Lakhs of people have been affected and are living in relief camps. Amazon is working with implementation partners and state/national disaster coordination committees to support those affected by the flood. We believe that with your support, we can play an important role in mitigating the effects of the disaster and provide immediate relief to victims.

How to Donate

Kerala Govt Disaster Relief

Kerala battles its worst floods in 100 years affecting close to a million people. The massive disaster has forced people to leave their homes and take shelter in across 3000 relief camps spread across the state. Amazon is working with the state government disaster relief centres in an effort to get the people in 'God's own country' back on their feet and back home. We believe in collective efforts and with support from the government of Kerala aim to support a family with a kit that will help restart lives with new hope.

Help restart lives by donating kits

Oxfam India is working on ground in the flood-hit states of India and aims to provide critical relief to affected families and communities.

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