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The Heartfulness Way (Hindi)

From reflecting on the essence of prayer and yogic transmission to demystifying the act of meditation through practical tips, this book will enable us to live beyond the filters of our sensory limitations and discover unity within ourselves.

Exam Warriors

Exam Warriors by Narendra Modi is an inspiring book for the youth. Written in a fun and interactive style, with illustrations, activities and yoga exercises, this book will be a friend not only in acing exams but also in facing life. It is a handy guide for students in India and across the world.

Na Bairi Na Koi Begana: Volume 1

He has been writing for 58 years now, and in this long and successful innings, the number of fans and the kind of popularity he’s won are a testament that Pathak is a fantastic storyteller. And this is why he is often referred to as the ‘badshah’ of crime fiction.

Achchha Bolne Ki Kala Aur Kamyabi

The world-renowned American writer and lecturer, Dale Carnegie started various courses of personality development, salesmanship training, corporate training, public speaking art and self-development, which became extremely popular. His first book, 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' was published in 1936, which was a tremendous success and became an international bestseller book and remains to this day.

Dard Manjta Hai

Ran Vijay is also a catharsis. Various people get it in different ways. He received it by writing. By cracking the ground, he got up and turned out like a seed and made the tree with heat, rain and storm. In this journey the characters got together and stories were formed. The character turned out to be so strong that they continued to restlessly and found peace when they came to the stage with the sight. Now they will talk about themselves, in front of everyone.

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