The Great Indian Festive Sale has become the biggest ever sale event in the history of

Overall highlights

The Great Indian Festive Sale, this years festive promotion on event was four times bigger than the last years Diwali promotion event on

• Day 1 was the biggest day ever in the history of in terms of revenue. It was two times bigger than our previous big day which was The Great Indian Freedom Sale and four times bigger than last Diwali. All through the five days, including our biggest day we were able to serve customers without any technical glitches. Customers have enjoyed festive shopping across 100s of categories on PC, App and mobile web.

• We saw a 400% increase, on a daily basis, in the number of new customers to

• Majority of them were from Tier II and Tier III geographies. Over 65% orders came from Tier II and Tier III cities and towns across numerous categories including apparel, shoes, home décor, kitchen appliances, TVs, consumer electronics, books, FMCG products, sports equipment and more

Traffic from mobile was over 70% and lakhs of new customers came from cities like Aurangabad, Malappuram, Dhanbad, Kannur, Tiruchirappalli, Jamshedpur and others.

• All top deals got sold out in under 30 minutes of going live with thousands of customers joining the waitlist every hour

• Customers on were able to enjoy next day delivery and other premium deliveries for over 1 million products and they responded enthusiastically. This was the biggest week for premium deliveries with a 3X increase vs our weekly average; Approximate 10% of the order where premium delivery was valid requested for premium delivery.

We are shipping 60% of the customer orders in less than six hours; and living up to our time commitments for delivery.

Sellers on are witnessing 8-10X jump in their daily sales

• Five Amazon app shoppers were the lucky winners to win 1kg gold each. They are from various age groups, backgrounds and cities including Ahmedabad, Tinsukia, Bangalore, Bhopal and New Delhi and each one of them was excited and thrilled to win the prize that has added joy to this year’s festivities for them!

• Several categories including Fashion, Home and Kitchen , Beauty, Grocery and Gourmet, Health and personal care, baby products, Pet supplies and many more were higher ( ranging from 3X to 6X) than their previous biggest days.

Top categories during the Great Indian festival were –

o Consumer Electronics

o Apparel

o Home & Kitchen

o Books

o Shoes

All five days of ‘The Great Indian Festive Sale” were record breaking days in different ways.

Day 1 and 2 were the biggest days ever in the history of Amazon Fashion

o Amazon Fashion witnessed over 3.5X jump in unit sales and over 3X jump in sales over its previous biggest event, The Great Indian Freedom Sale

o Shoes and Apparel grew 5X of last Diwali

Day 2 was also the biggest ever day in the history of Home & Kitchen, Television and FMCG ( FMCG includes Home and Personal care and Grocery and Gourmet) o The appliances category exceeded a week’s sales in the first six hours o One of the most popular products that emerged in Home & Kitchen was Solar Diya. Solar diyas were sold out in the first hour o Televisions witnessed over 2.5X sales growth as compared to Great Indian Freedom Sale o Health & Personal Care , part of the FMCG department, grew 5X as compared to its daily run rate (units) o Grocery & Gourmet witnessed a 3X growth in unit terms as compared to our previous biggest day and 5X compared to the pre-sale period. Ferrero Rocher gift packs emerged as the most popular brand, accounting for 22% of units in the Gourmet category

Day 3 was the biggest ever for the Mobile Phones category with a 3X growth from its previous biggest day o Mobile phones exceeded a single day sale in the first hour o More than 20% of the phones sold were above the 20k price range

Day 4 was the biggest in the history of the PC and Automotive categories on o In the first six hours the number of Laptops sold were equal to a week’s sale o Automotive registered record sales consistently and witnessed over 5X growth in unit sales over The Great Indian Freedom Sale

Day 5 was the biggest day ever in the history of the Books category o By 2pm the Books category had created history by selling the highest number of books it had ever sold in India

Additional Notes :

The Great Indian Festive Sale saw a very healthy growth in revenue of affiliate websites. One of the larger shopping community, saw a day-on-day growth of 16X in order and 18X in revenue driven to Similarly, chat based product recommendation app, FindYogi grew 20X in orders and 15X in revenue. Mehul Jobanputra of said, "The Great Indian Festive Sale was highly appreciated by DesiDime's community members. Overall sentiment towards's capabilities of customer service and meeting customer expectations, has been extremely positive. This also reflected in the kind of numbers we have been driving in the last few days."