About Tropical Health Foundation of India (THFI)
THFI was established in 1986 and has is now a model rehabilitation centre with services like THFI Special School for the differently-abled, Artificial Limb Centre (ALC), Neuro Development Centre (NDC), ‘Prerana’ for early identification and intervention of childhood disability, ‘Sparsh’ Vocational Training unit and neonatal screening for hearing impairment.

THFI Special School – for the Differently-abled, a school for children with mental retardation, autism and cerebral palsy was started in 1990 with 8 students. The school now facilitates 70 students with educational and vocational skills mostly from families with low Socio-economic background.

Artificial Limb Centre (ALC) – recognized by the Government of India, has been serving people with physical disability within the state as well as outside. They manufacture several types of prosthetic limbs and other equipment required for the physically challenged.

Neuro Development Centre (NDC) – is dedicated to identify and train children with complex developmental disabilities at the earliest possible age. A multi-disciplinary team of Physio, Occupational, Rehabilitation, Speech Therapists and special educators train the children and their parents with the help of intensive therapy to help achieve their full potential.

Sparsh is a Self Help Group (SHG) for the parents and other family members to get trained in various vocations and undertake manufacture and marketing of products such as paper plate, cups, carry bags, detergents, screen printing, e-ticketing, tailoring, jewellery making and handicrafts.

Prerana is a project for early identification and early intervention of childhood disability, with trained volunteers from SHA, palliative care, hudumbasree etc. They are trained to pick up disability as early as possible with the support of therapists and special educators.
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Geographical Presence and Impact
1) Distributed artificial limbs and appliances to 18000 people.
2) Rehabilitated around 350 differently-abled children.

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