About Teach For India
Teach For India strongly believes that in order to achieve educational parity, India needs a movement of leaders in a variety of sectors who are committed to ensuring that every child in India receives an excellent education.

In the short run, Teach For India will provide a source of dedicated teachers working tirelessly to expand the educational opportunities available to India's least privileged children through its Fellowship Program. Teach For India recruits India's most promising college graduates and high performing young professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years. Fellows work tirelessly to bridge the immense gaps their children face in or while transitioning to secondary level, putting their students on a fundamentally different life path.

The long term outcome would be a ripple effect through the Alumni who are the forerunners of our movement and are instrumental in helping us reach our goals. They are a powerful and growing leadership force who informed by their experiences and insights, work relentlessly within and outside the educational system, to effect the fundamental, long-term changes necessary to ultimately realize educational opportunity for all. The Alumni are spread across diverse sectors – becoming teachers, school leaders, policy makers, lawyers, artists, corporate leaders who will work together to make India a nation where all children reach their potential.
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1. 2012 ICICI Foundation and CNBC-TV18’s Inclusive India Awards (Elementary Education Impact category).
2. 2012 Innovation for India Awards, institutionalized by Marico Innovation Foundation for innovations in the social sector.
3. 2011 Best NGO To Work For - Awarded by The Economic Times and Great Place to Work Institute.

Geographical Presence and Impact
Teach For India is currently in its sixth year of operations – From a cohort of 87 Fellows, across 2 cities, impacting 2800 students, the organization now has 910 Fellows in 6 cities, impacting 32,000 students.

Students led by Teach For India Fellows learn not only the standard SSC curriculum, but are exposed to a wealth of experiences including performing arts, sports, music, career counseling etc. Teach For India tracks how its students grow over an extended period of time through collaboration with Columbia University and Educational Initiatives. The results from the first year of the study are positive and establish that the gain of Teach For India classrooms is statistically significantly higher than gain in non Teach For India classrooms.

Community: Fellows create an impact in the lives of their students by engaging in the community, by meeting parents and investing them in their children’s education. In their second year of the Fellowship, Fellows undertake a Be the Change Project (BTCP) designed to identify and address a barrier to learning which exists in the school or larger community.

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