About Sahyog care for you
The word "Sahyog" implies scooperation and to work in cooperation with each other is what Sahyog is all about. Till date, the organization has been running with the help of cooperation extended by team members, supporters, friends and relatives. Sahyog serves the community by:
• Offering Remedial Education classes and bridge courses to underprivileged children
• Providing vocational training and employment to women through a self-sustained project of the manufacturing of low-cost sanitary napkins
• Undertaking projects for the conservation of environment
• Educating women through adult literacy programme
• Formation of Self Help Groups for women
• Formation of Bal Panchayat
• Organizing health camps
• Organizing workshops on child sexual abuse
• Helping the old and the destitute by providing them clothes and ration
• Conducting counseling sessions with children, parents and teachers on child sexual abuse in private and MCD schools in Delhi
• Running Computer Education Class for Youths
• Running Personal Safety class through self defence
• Running Personality Development through English Speaking Class
• Free legal advise for needy women
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Geographical Presence and Impact
Presently, the organization teaches 1250 children through remedial classes and bridge courses, and 860 women through adult literacy programme in 19 centers. Through their other projects, they have been able to reach out to more than 3000 people. The Centers of Sahyog are located in various parts of Delhi and NCR. All the students are provided adequate infrastructure and regular support from teachers to prevent their dropout from school.

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