About READ India
READ India believes empowering rural communities is critical to alleviating global poverty. Combining Education, Enterprise and Community Development, READ partners with villages to build Community Library and Resource Centers (READ Centers) that offer knowledge, information and opportunities to rural communities that lack the most basic resources. A READ Center can be the catalyst for uplifting the entire community – adults, children, students, women and even those who are illiterate. This cumulative "READ EFFECT" results in increased knowledge and prosperity today and better prospects for the future.
READ Centers are designed to serve whole communities. Resources are available for all – adults and children, students and teachers, literate and illiterate. Each Center provides the following educational resources:

1. A library with 3,000-5,000 books, magazines and newspapers in both English and local languages.
2. An information and communications technology (ICT) section with computers, Internet access (where available) and computer skills training.
3. A women's empowerment section providing a safe space for women and girls to attend classes and training and receive medical exams.
4. An early childhood section with child-friendly furniture, educational toys, and reading materials.
5. A multimedia and communications section including TV, video, DVD player, telephone, fax and copying services.
6. A training/meeting hall where staff and partners conduct programs on literacy, health, livelihood skills etc.

READ believes that education and literacy are critical to personal and economic empowerment. Their programs focus on creating a culture of learning for all ages. Through partnerships with local NGOs, READ Centers provide programs on topics such as health education, adult literacy, computer proficiency and livelihood skills.
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Geographical Presence and Impact
READ India is present in 7 locations across India, helping over 2,02,105 villagers access READ centers.

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