About Pratham
Pratham was created in 1994 to provide pre-school education to underprivileged children in the city of Mumbai. Dr. Madhav Chavan and Farida Lambay co-founded Pratham with support from UNICEF and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation and created a grass-roots team with the mission of 'Every Child in School and Learning Well'. Since inception, Pratham has extended its impact across 19 of India’s 29 states, in both urban and rural districts.

Pratham’s primary objective has always been to improve learning levels of children in India in three major ways. First, track gaps in learning levels. Second, create and test large-scale, low-cost educational programs. Finally, they work with governments in setting policy and scaling-up of these programs. In 2005 Pratham pioneered a nation-wide assessment of learning that has influenced national educational policies and budget allocations. The key to Pratham’s effectiveness is continuous innovation driven by the unique combination of large-scale programs and real-time grass roots feedback.
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2014: Pratham awarded the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award
2013: Pratham voted among Top 100 NGOs in the World
2013: AIMA Public Service Excellence Award 2013
2012: Dr. Madhav Chavan awarded prestigious WISE Prize for Education
2011: Pratham awarded the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship
2010: Indian Business Leader Award by CNBC TV 18 and Henry R. Kravis Prize in Leadership
2009: CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Award

Geographical Presence and Impact
Since its modest beginnings in Mumbai in 1994, Pratham has evolved as an innovator on large-scale educational delivery at all levels across India. Pratham’s success may be attributed to many things, including visionary leadership that promotes entrepreneurial approaches to education, ongoing collaboration and partnerships with government agencies, corporations, and other NGOs, and steady responsiveness to India’s evolving contexts and needs. Pratham’s model of success has resulted in national and international recognitions, adoption of its methods in other countries across the globe, and increased global focus on the importance of empowering individuals and communities through education so that they might lift themselves out of poverty and marginalization and function as productive citizens within their communities.

Pratham’s firm attention to transforming the educational landscape in India has thus seen measurable results, though significant work remains. With a population whose average age is 26, India has considerable distance yet to cover in ensuring that all her citizens access education and prosperity through self-reliance and the dignity of work. Today, with an eye to India’s future and the incredible potential that its children and youth might access in an age of significant opportunity and advancement, Pratham continues to offer new educational initiatives across India while also increasing the scale and impact of its time-tested programs to reach new communities.

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