About People for Animals
People For Animals (PFA) is India's only national animal welfare organization. It was started in 1994 at a time when there was no organized animal welfare movement in India. The country lacked any kind of animal services, animal welfare training, animal lawyers or legal precedents. There were just a few scattered people struggling against enormous odds and with very limited success to save the odd animal here and there. There was need for a nationwide organization to act as a strong network to fight against cruelty and to protect animals around the country. Thus, People for Animals was conceived and created.

People for Animals is involved in efforts to eliminate rabies, animal rescue work, lobbying for animal rights and legal work related to animal welfare. Their efforts have resulted in many things that are taken for granted, such as the green/red dot on packaged material indicating vegetarian/non-vegetarian food, the removal of animals from circuses, and the removal of whips from horse racing.

PFA runs shelters, ambulance services, dog sterilization programmes, treatment camps and disaster rescue missions for animals. They have a network of 165 units, 36 hospitals and 60 mobile units nationwide. They work to raise awareness and facilitate action to bring about environment and animal friendly legislation and take direct action to protect animals and to punish the offenders. They also conduct the Animal Birth Control Programme across cities to control the population of stray animals and anti-rabies campaign across India to keep cities safe from rabid dogs. They provide a 24 hour wildlife rescue service. The organization conducts awareness programmes to sensitize people about animal welfare.

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People For Animals chairperson Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi has received many awards in regard to Animal Welfare, which include:

• Lord Erskine Award (1992) by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, UK, the premier international award in the field of animal welfare.
• Recipient of the 1995 Vegetarian of the Year Award from the Vegetarian Society.
• Maharana Udai Singh Award 1996-97 for distinguished services in the field of Environment by Maharana Mewar Foundation, City Palace, Udaipur.
• Prani Mitra Award (1997) by The Animal Welfare Board of India. India’s highest animal welfare honour bestowed after a gap of 30 years.
• The Marchig Prize (1997) by Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, Switzerland, in recognition of outstanding contribution in the field of animal welfare.
• Venu Menon Life Time Achievement Award (1999) by Venu Menon Animal Allies Foundation, in recognition of outstanding contribution to animal welfare.
• Mahaveer Award (1999) by Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation, for "Excellence in Human Endeavour in the sphere of Truth, Non-Violence & Vegetarianism.
• Ahimsa and Sadbhavanan Award (1999) for remarkable contribution in promoting non violence, Vegetarianism and animal rights.
• Diwaliben Award (1999) by Diwaliben Mohanlal Mehta Charitable Trust for outstanding contribution to the cause of vegetarianism and Beauty Without Cruelty.
• Aadishakti Puruskar (2001) by Dina Nath Mangeshkar Pratishthan for remarkable contribution in the field of Environment and Animal Welfare.
• FOSAAC Award in Los Angeles for humanitarian services.
• Supreme Master Ching Hai The Shining World Compassion Award 2010

Geographical Presence and Impact
Some of the significant achievements of PFA are listed below:

• The replacement of the annual barbaric killing of 3 million dogs by municipalities with a successful vaccination and sterilization programme, ABC (Animal Birth Control), a move now being adopted by other Asian countries.
• It has achieved several landmark victories for animals — a ban on the use and display of wild animals in circuses; the labeling of food and cosmetics as vegetarian and non vegetarian, a complete ban on animal dissection in schools – all of these are world firsts.
• It has gone to court against cruelty thereby banning the joyrides by desert animals like camels on beaches, and put an end to bull fighting, a popular local sport in Goa that cost the lives of 4,000 bulls a year.
• PFA has made the government open its first laboratory inspection wing to monitor the use of animals in science and has rescued thousands of mistreated lab animals.
• PFA has provided emergency food and medical aid for animals affected by natural disasters.
• It has stopped the misuse of whips on racing horses by jockeys and is in the process of banning the whip altogether.
• It regulates the use of animals in films and has its members on all Censor Boards.
• Its raiding team members seized thousands of animal specimens from different schools in Delhi/NCR and other regions which included many animals that come under wild life protection act.
• PFA succeeded in having rules passed by the Customs department to stop import of dogs by breeders.

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