About Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti
Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti is an organization working for children's education and welfare. It runs schools for underprivileged children, working towards their social and economic development. It is also attempting to develop an effective and meaningful academic and vocational curriculum, educational materials and teaching kits for primary schools, training the teachers, and establishing alternative employment resources with no undue stress on academic excellence.
The Jagriti family consists of volunteers and workers from IIT Kanpur students and faculty, school teachers, villagers, children, and full-time social workers. The organization works in close collaboration with like minded groups like Prayas, Eklavya, ASHA, and Association of India's Development (AID).

Presently the organization is involved in the following two activities:
1. Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya (SVV) in Lodhar Village: Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya is a major centre of Jagriti where they are implementing their ideas on education. This school has classes from KG to VIII, with eight teachers and approximately 300 students. The school has a well stocked library consisting of approximately 8000 books and a computer laboratory which has several desktops, three laptops, and a few tablet computers (with internet connectivity).

2. School for the children of migrant labourers: Many labourers from various parts of the country flock to Kanpur for work especially in construction sites and brick kilns. There is no provision of schooling for their children. The organization has set up around twenty non-conventional schools in and around Kanpur for the education of these children.

The organization is now seeking donations for Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya (SVV), mainly with an aim of improving the quality of the library, computer lab, and science lab. With this initiative from Amazon.in they expect to be able to obtain resources (like tablets for educational purposes) which are otherwise difficult to procure.
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