About Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram
Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram was initiated with only one principle in mind – generously care and support these ailing who are in the most strenuous phase of life and have absolutely no one to seek help from. These old people are abandoned on the road to die; they are helpless and physically challenged and many of them suffer from Alzheimers and Dementia. The aim to make their last phase of life full of joy and the NGO motivates them to get over the stress and hurt of their past. Various facilities are very efficiently provided to the old so they can live a comfortable life.

Following are the objectives that the ashram works for:
1. For the betterment of society and for the service of mankind, they maintain and run an old age home that welcomes orphans and the destitute, old people – even the ones who are physically and mentally challenged.
2. Free shelter, clothes and food is provided apart from the medical facilities and leisure activities. Most importantly, the dedicated and humble staff provides them with utmost love and affection.
3. Several initiatives like social meetings, periodic publications/magazines, write-ups, making journals and short documentaries, are undertaken in order to spread awareness about the sensitive topics of old age and mental well being.

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1. Sham Samman Award 2009.
2. World Geriatrics Care Award 2009.
3. Purvanchali Pratibha Summan Award 2011.
4. Shri Chuni Lal Jindal Memorial Trust Award 2012.
5. Distinguished Service Award by Rotary Club Delhi 2013.

Geographical Presence and Impact
After setting up the Ashram, the NGO has provided free care and shelter service to over 1500 elderly individual, about 690 residents have been cremated and more than 650 people have been rehabilitated and sent to their own homes.

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