About Compassion Unlimited Plus Action
CUPA is a public charitable trust that works for the welfare of animals. CUPA’s seven shelters provide shelter, relief and rescue to animals that fall victim to rash driving, cruelty, abandonment and apathy, and provides a safe space for healing and recovery. With strong presence on social media, CUPA is able to find a home for several young and previously abandoned animals, thus giving them a chance to be a part of loving families. CUPA also rescues large working animals and urban wildlife.
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1. Rotary Service Awards 2004 - Excellence in Voluntary Organizations - Category: Animal Rights and Welfare awarded by Rotary Club of Bangalore.
2. The RSPCA Richard Martin award to late Miss Crystal Rogers, founder of CUPA, in grateful recognition of her work for animal welfare in the field of humane education on 12th October 1978 by RSPCA, U.K.
3. Venu Menon Special Organization Award 1999 given to CUPA by Venu Menon Animal Allies Foundationon 19th February 1999.
4. CUPA recognized as one of the 10 top impact organizations in Bangalore by the Namma Bengauru Awards in 2014.

Geographical Presence and Impact
CUPA operates six shelters that function at the following capacities:
1. CUPA Rescue & Trauma Centre – Houses anywhere between 50-70 dogs at any point in time, with 20-30 pick-ups and releases every week.
2. Animal Birth Control - 20 to 30 stray dogs picked up for sterilization and vaccination every day, released after five days.
3. CUPA Second Chance Adoption Centre – Re-homes 10-15 abandoned pet dogs every month.
4. Large Animal Rescue Centre – Shelters 30-40 large animals at any point in time and works to rehabilitate.
5. CUPA pet clinic – Provides 24 hour quality care to pet owners and treats an average of 2200 cases per month.
6. Geriatric Centre – A retirement home for older dogs and allows them to live out their lives safely and peacefully. Houses 30-35 dogs at any point in time

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