About Bhagavatula Charitable Trust
Established in 1976, Bhagavatula Charitable Trust (BCT), a non-profit, non-sectarian, social service organization has been involved in transforming rural areas near Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh and has conducted over 100 pilot programs, a few of which have become models for replication across the country in the areas of women's self-help groups (precursor to the DWACRA and SHG), rural banking, wasteland development, development of literacy primers for literacy training program, and so on.

Their wasteland experiment in 100 acres has been a model for the conversion of 15,000 hectares of wasted land in the region into lush green orchards; propagation of the concepts of thrift and savings enabled women to organize themselves into over 200 effective Self Help Groups (SHGs) in 38 villages; facilitating village level educational societies by villagers themselves resulted in schooling of over 8500 non-school going children into over 125 self-run model primary schools in 100 villages. Of the above initiatives, BCT experiments in Rural Primary Education have had a marked impact on the literacy contours of the district.

In 1980, BCT organized a “School for Skills” program with the objective of training rural youth in livelihood skills in 45 villages. About 60% of those trained in the school were immediately absorbed by the then fledgling Visakhapatnam Steel Plant. And thus began its foray in to the realm of Livelihood Education.

BCT Residential High School was started in 1996 with an aim to rehabilitate child labourers. The learning methodologies being imparted are student centric and more importantly train students towards inquiry based learning rather than rote. The child centric learning methodologies has resulted in about 80% of students scoring above 65% of marks.
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1. The founder of the organization, Dr. B.V. Parameswara Rao was chosen “Man of the Year” by The Week magazine.
2. Dr. BV. Parameswara Rao is also featured in a book called “Averting the Apocalypse” published by Duke University Press.
3. Sri B. Sri Ram Murty, Secretary, is the one of the five members from NGOs on the National Working Group on IT for Masses, Dept. of Electronics and Information Technology, New Delhi.
4. Bhagavatula Charitable Trust is one of the 5 NGOs in the state to be the member of Government Organizations – NGOs Coordination Committee.

Geographical Presence and Impact
1. Made about 1.28 lakh people literate through various education programs.
2. Instrumental in getting redeveloping about 15,000 hectares of waste land for cashew farming in the region.
3. Providing rehabilitation services to 660 differently-abled persons.
4. Currently providing advisory services to about 12,500 farmers.
5. Rehabilitated about 7,500 child labourers and provided formal schooling.
6. Instrumental in increasing school enrollment rate from 28.6% in 1984 to current 98.5%.

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