About Aarohi
Aarohi was established in the year 1992 with a view to create opportunities for rural communities in the hills of Nainital, Uttarakhand to lead a more self-dependent existence wherein they are able to alleviate poverty and live in harmony with their environment. Providing quality education to the children in this region is one area of work through which they aim to achieve their mission.

Since its creation, Aarohi Bal Sansar (ABS) has grown steadily and continues to raise the standard of education amongst the children from the local areas. As a thriving Hindi-medium school, ABS caters to children aged 3-14 from nursery to 8th Standard, with a much healthier teacher-student ratio of 1:11 than national standards. This last year ABS brought together 173 children (79 girls and 94 boys) from fourteen local villages into a small community. Their incredible energy and eagerness to learn, play and see their teachers and class-mates is evident in the long distances many travel daily on foot over difficult mountainous terrain, some walking as much as 5 km twice a day.

ABS is an inclusive school where admission is granted to all children irrespective of their background, social status or religion. Indeed, numerous scholarship programs allow children from families of limited financial means to attend ABS and to pursue further education afterwards. Given that many of the children attending ABS are first generation students and have little support for their studies at home, academic performance is a challenge. Despite this, testing conducted last year showed that the basic literacy and numeracy of ABS students in Standards 1-5 is far superior to that of the average amongst children in the State of Uttarakhand (based on ASER 2013 data).
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Geographical Presence and Impact
Aarohi works in 77 villages covering a population of over 46,000. Through their Community Health Program they aim to reach 105 villages in the remote Okhalkanda block. In 2013 alone, they served 5770 patients at their hospital. Through their Livelihoods initiative they engage with over 1500 farmers in the region and also provide quality education to over 170 children in the area.

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