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Pet friendly date ideas

Trick & treat

Learn a trick together. Don’t forget to treat when your four-legged does it right.

Pet Toys and Treats

Plan a treasure hunt

Pets love mission games. It’s a fun way to teach your friend to use their nose.

Explore hidden gems

Toys are fun

Some likes to chew while some likes to climb. A toy will keep your furball busy & entertained for hours.

Buy a toy

Accessories Checklist

Collar, leash, treats & shoe
Toys, brush & everything new

Time for a pet stop

Indulge your pet

Give them a fistful of healthy treats or biskies. Make sure you don’t give chocolates as they are harmful for them. They love the smell of biscuits, hard pressed bones, jerkies and dental care treats.

Feed your Love

Time to suit up

Bathe your pet & make it stress-free. Beware, water can be fun but at the same time be cautious. You can actually choose your favorite picks from our store.

Pets Grooming Store

Make meal times fun

Because they deserve everything on a bowl

Feeding Supplies

Long walks

Who doesn’t love long walks? Live life like someone left the door open.

Collars and Leashes

Pet adoption & rescue

Even if you don’t have a pet. You can help & rescue stray mutts.

One stop shop

Premium care for your furry

Because your pet deserves premium care on this Valentine's Day

Premium Pet Store