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Jays is an audio electronics brand that is based in Stockholm, and is known for the innovation and design principles of their range of headphones and earphones. Jays headphones are known for their sleek looks, amazing user friendliness, and affordable price range. Earphones from Jays are consistently engineered to adhere to the brand’s rigorous quality standards. The values of Jays electronics are, at their core, focussed on simplicity and elegance, both aesthetically and internally. Everything from the experience of unboxing a set of quality Jays headphones to using them everyday is treated with utmost importance, with attention paid to every detail.

Jump On The Jays Merchandise At Amazon India

You can now buy top-of-the-line headphones and earphones online at Amazon India. Check out the range of earphones and accessories from Jays, browse through them, and find the one that comes at a price and with the sound and usability features that makes them perfect for you, all with just a few clicks and from the comfort of your own home. Use the Shop By features to narrow your search by price range, browse exclusively through in-ear or on-ear headphones, or shop by seller rating or average customer review. The seller ratings and customer reviews on Amazon India are a great way to find trustworthy online electronics sellers who will only sell you authentic Jays earphones, and to get an idea of the features of the headphones from Jays that you want to buy from customers who have already bought them.

The Jays Experience

Jays earphones come in several different collections. The a-Jays earphones come in five editions, with each edition having been improved upon compared to the previous one. a-Jays earphones offer you fine-tuned voice frequency range, punchy bass, an improved sound experience, and earphones with tangle-free cables. When you buy Jays earphones online at Amazon India, you can choose from products like the Jays a-Jays One noise isolating earphones with tangle free cable and the Jays a-Jays Two heavy bass earphones. Jays a-Jay earpieces have a smooth finish that makes them a treat to wear in your ears. Another feature that sets the a-Jays earphones apart is their custom 3-button full-feature remote that is designed for the iPhone and gives you a huge range of remote control over the earphones. This remote is also designed separately for Android, like the Jays a-Jays Five black mobile headset with 3 button mic-remote only for Android, and Windows phone users, like the Jays a-Jays Five black mobile headset with 3 button mic-remote only for Windows phone, in the a-Jays Five earphones series, and allows you to take control of your music and phone calls in an unprecedented manner. It has Jays’ Smart-feel soft touch buttons, and comes with a MEMS mic that cancels noise and echoes and gives you amazing voice clarity. Jays earphones also come with a custom driver to handle the range of music genres.

When you shop online for Jays headphones, like the v-Jays headphones series, you will find impressively light, robust headphones that deliver powerful audio through low impedance speakers that consume a low amount of power. Jays also offers a range of audio accessories like Jays audio clips, Jays carrying cases for in-ear earphones, silicone sleeves in different sizes, custom made for the different Jays series, foam sleeves, and various adapters and stereo splitters.

Walk into a world of amazing bass beats and audio control with the Jay earphones, headphones, and accessories that you can buy online when you shop at Amazon India.