About Bookworm
Bookworm is an organization committed to supporting the act of reading for all children in diverse circumstances and with a multitude of possibilities. The key activities carried out by bookworm Trust are as follow:
1. The children’s library and resource center
This has an extensive collection of over 25,000 books for all ages, particularly 0-15 years with the goal to provide a rich reading resource for children of all ages.
2. Libraries in Schools Program
The LiS program provides a library experience and resources to schools that do not have library facilities and programs to build a strong relationship with books from the earliest ages. The LiS program supports around 2000 children in 16 different under-resourced schools.
3. Mobile Outreach Program
The MOP program was conceptualized to take “Bookworm” to community spaces reaching out to children who have no access to library resources and never would due to their limited socioeconomic resources. Presently MOP sites are in 5 locations in Goa, supporting more than 400 children with a weekly program of read aloud, lending and borrowing books, art and creative activities.
4. Professional Development
Bookworm offers Resource support and capacity building workshops and mentoring to other NGO’s in India who seek to strengthen their library programs.

Read more at bookwormgoa.in

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