About Sethu
Sethu is a Charitable Trust based in Goa, to help all children get the best out of their lives, families, schools and communities to grow and develop. Our mission at Sethu is to reach out to children with complex behavioural and developmental challenges and to provide them and their families with the understanding and guidance they need to reach their full emotional, educational and developmental potential. We are committed to doing this by providing interdisciplinary assessment and treatment services, and professional training. We offer a range of services, including assessments for the early identification of complex and diverse developmental and behavioural issues affecting children and adolescents, as well as individual, family and group therapy. Over 7500 children have registered at the centre since 2005 when Sethu first opened. Sethu also works closely with schools and balwadis, doing on-site visits, providing technical consultation and focusing on the promotion of inclusive education. Sethu's approach is strengths-based and family centred. Working in India, where there is a lack of trained professionals, Sethu is committed to building capacity in parents, extended family members and all who care for or work with children through its various programs.

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1. Rotary Club Of Panaji - Outstanding contribution towards child development and family guidance in Goa.
2. Orchid Award - For Social work.
3 .Nritya Sankul - For Dedicated service.
4. Goan Achievers Award - NGO award for Social Empowerment.

Geographical Presence and Impact
Based in Goa but families come to them from far and wide.
Impacting Children, parents, families, teachers, society

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