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Causes supported: Women Empowerment

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Founded in 2005, Maitri is committed to ensuring identity, dignity and respect for venerable populations like ageing, abandoned and destitute widows of Vrindavan, children and adolescent girls from marginalized communities, and rickshaw pullers of Jharkhand and Ranchi. Maitri has built two old age widow homes, which provides safe and secure shelter, healthy food and an environment to contribute to their overall wellbeing. Maitri has two schools focused on providing holistic educational support to children in slum communities of Delhi. Maitri has built two old age widow homes which provides shelter, food and health facilities and reaches out to more than 300 widows in Vrindavan and Radhakund. In addition, Solar Panel System in Radha Kund Old Age Home has been successfully installed, to supply continuous electricity to the Home.

1. Global Giving has vetted Maitri, and is a top ranked organization since 2015 2. Received awards of being a superstar and most vetted organization for 2015,2016 and 2017 3. Beneficiary of Satyamev jayate (A social impact TV show) on Ageing with dignity 4. Media coverage of Maitri’s project with Widows in Vrindavan and domestic violence has been published in BBC news, Time magazine, Hindustan Times and the Economist, National Geographic, Polish TV Geographical Presence
• Year 2017-2018 community children enrolled with Maitrigram school have been introduced to mixed gender game Ultimate Frisbee. It has broken gender barriers and encourged more girls to participate in the sport and a team has been formed and the children are participating in tournaments in universities and getting recognized for their prowess. They are fiercely competitive and confident. • In Jharkhand, Maitri played a crucial role in policy formulation regarding the provision of providing e- rickshaws to RPs, an important clause being an organization working for more than three years for RPs can facilitate them to get e-rickshaws. Motivation behind joining Gift a Smile Program Maitri is one of the few organizations, which works towards improving living conditions, nutritional and health status of ageing homeless widow mothers. People at Maitri encourage celebrations; interactions, which can help in fostering social bonds, participation and help, build their emotional and mental well-being. It works towards building a life full of opportunities and possibilities. When donors gift a smile, they gift a chance to add to Maitri’s journey and efforts of building identity, respect and dignity for everyone.

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