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Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society (MRWS)

Mahadebnagar Rural Welfare Society, [MRWS] is a non-profit, non-government, and humanitarian voluntary organization operating in the rural, urban, tribal and far-flung habitations of south-west regions of West Bengal, especially in Murshidabad districts. Its origin owes to a dream once seen by some likeminded intellectuals, educationists, social-activist youths who firmly believe that India cannot be translated into a developed country until a sustainable holistic transformation of its rural sector takes place. MRWS emphasizes on basic health care services and promotion of primary education for elementary age group children. Its specializes in social mobilization and advocacy for most vulnerable and marginalized section of the community. It uses the practice of addressing social issues in the community. It has been trying its best to promote minimum education to the children and maintain health and hygiene capacity of mother, child and old-aged of the unfortunate tobacco-manufacturing worker families.

Geographical Presence
Remote parts of West Bengal, especially in Murshidabad district

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