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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to buy both the Mobile Phone and the Total Damage Protection plan in the same order?

Yes, both the phone and the protection plan need to be bought together or on the same day on The protection plan cannot be purchased for your existing phone, nor can it be bought separately after the purchase of a phone. Any protection plan bought without a phone will be cancelled.

How will I receive the Protection Plan?

The protection plan will be sent to you via email & SMS within 7 days of delivery of the phone. You will receive the email from (please check your spam folder, too), and the SMS from ACKOTS. In case you don’t receive the plan, please call Acko customer care at 1860 266 2258

What if I cancel/return my order?

Any cancelled/returned order will not be eligible for total damage protection.

My phone is replaced by Amazon, what happens to my total damage protection plan?

If your phone was replaced by Amazon, your Protection Plan will automatically be updated with the IMEI details of the new phone. If your phone was dead on arrival, and the manufacturer provided you a replacement, call Acko & give them the details of your replacement phone.
Is this offer available when I opt for (i) EMI or No-Cost EMI, (ii) Guaranteed Exchange Price (Assured Exchange of new phone in the future) (iii) Buyback (Exchange of old phone)?
(i). This Offer is available when you buy the phone on EMI or No-cost EMI
(ii). This Offer is available when you buy the item along with Guaranteed Exchange Price (Assured Exchange of new phone in the future), wherever both these products are available
(iii). This Offer is not available with Buyback (Exchange of old phone)

Who is providing the plan, and whom should I contact in case my phone suffers accidental damage?

This plan is powered by Acko. Please visit to file a claim for repair in case of accidental breakage.

The Total Damage Protection Plan is offered by Acko Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.