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Program FAQ:

  1. Why should I subscribe and become a Member of Shutterbug?
    Subscription allows us to reach out to all registered members using Emails, App Notifications and targeted campaigns. This ensures you never miss any events, workshops, contests or announcements from the community. You can always opt out later as well, using the Unsubscribe link in the subscription notification email.

  2. Who should become a member?
    Shutterbug caters to customers at each stage of their individual learning curve, from beginners who seek guidance on the foundational elements to professionals who wish to explore other genres and interact with renowned photography mentors. The content is structured in such a way that you can learn at your own pace as the foundational videos are available on the Shutterbug page for members to search the relevant topic basis their interest and need.

  3. How would I know if my subscription is successfully completed?
    You will receive an automated notification email from ‘ E-mail Subscriptions’. You will also receive a welcome email from <> which with guide you on how to make the most of your subscription.

  4. How will I come to know about the changes made on the Shutterbug page?
    If you are a member (subscribed to shutterbug) then an email / App push will be sent to you on the email address/ Mobile number registered with Amazon periodically, notifying about the additions made to the page.

  5. How can I share my comments/ suggestions/ feedbacks/ complaints with the shutterbug program administrators?
    You can reach us at

  6. Is a monitored email id and would I get replies back if I write to you?
    Yes, is a monitored email id, and is the recommended way for you to reach out to the administrators of the club. Each email may not be individually replied, but your feedback or comments will be noted by the administrators.

Event FAQ:

  1. Will I be invited for the events after subscribing to the Shutterbug page?
    Registered members will be notified about upcoming events and workshops. Interested members can register for these events through the Shutterbug page. However, due to the limitation on participation numbers, organizers may use filters like first come-first serve, city, purchase & browse history, Amazon Prime membership to select the most relevant audience for any particular event. Selected members will be notified about seat confirmation via email.

  2. I had registered for an event on Shutterbug. Does this guarantee an invitation and a seat for me?
    We currently receive higher number of interests for most events on the Shutterbug page. Hence, we don’t confirm that every customer registering for an event will be invited. All selected participants will receive individual emails confirming their invitation to the event, and would need to show the same along with valid identification proofs to be allowed entry to the events. However, we still urge all members to express interest in the topic, event and city of their choice as this helps us estimate demand for the topics, events and at a city level, which helps us plan for bigger events with higher attendance in the future.

  3. Will I have to pay for any entry fees for the event?
    Shutterbug members will never be asked to pay for the monthly Shutterbug events. However, all travel, equipment and food charges will be borne by the participants. Other events not organized by Shutterbug might carry charges where shutterbug members will get a discounted rate.

  4. Where will the offline events be conducted?
    The offline events will be conducted across a minimum of 3 cities. The cities where the events will be conducted will be announced on the Shutterbug page as well as through the monthly email.

  5. Can someone else attend the event on my behalf?
    No, only participants with confirmed registrations are allowed to attend the scheduled events. Registrations cannot be transferred, traded or sold to anyone else.

  6. Will the events always be offline?
    No, the events can be both offline and online. The format for the event can range from Photo Walks, classroom training to Facebook live, webinars and more.

  7. Can I pay and attend the event for sure?
    No, currently events are invitation only. You can express your interest by registering for the event. Based on a few factors, if selected, you will be sent an invite for the event which will reserve a seat for you at the event. Furthermore, in the future, there will be paid events conducted by partner entities where shutterbug members will get a discount.

  8. What will I need for the events?
    Most of the events will only require you to carry your camera. If there is anything specific that is required for a particular event then that will be communicated along with the event announcement.

  9. Will the events be brand agnostic?
    Yes, the events in most cases will not be hinged around a particular brand and will cater to users of all popular camera brands. Hence, the people conducting the events will not be from a particular brand but would be experts with fair exposure to various brands and product categories.

Contest FAQ:

  1. How can I participate in the contest?
    The Shutterbug page will have the theme of the contest and the deadline for submission on the page. The participant will have to use #amazonshutterbug and post the images on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram & twitter) before the deadline. The participants have to ensure that they share images clicked by them and would be liable for any Intellectual Property violations.

  2. What will be the theme of the contest?
    The theme of the contest will be declared on the shutterbug page. As part of the Shutterbug program, Amazon will run multiple contests and every contest will have a different theme.

  3. When can I submit the images?
    From the time the contest theme is declared until the deadline is the period where the social media posts will be considered for evaluation for the contest

  4. Who will be judging the contest?
    Toehold will be judging the contest. They have a panel of professional photographers who will be judging the photographs.

  5. What will I get on winning the contest?
    Winning entries will feature on the Shutterbug page with credits given to the Photographer. Apart from this Amazon’s Instagram handle will post the Winning image.

  6. Will I not get any prizes for winning the contest?
    The monthly contests will only be for recognition. There will be other contests apart from the monthly contests that might have prizes in cash or kind which will be clearly declared on the contest page or in the terms & conditions for such contests.

  7. Is there a limit on the number of entries per participant?
    There is no restriction on the number of entries per participant provided those are relevant to the theme and are original images shot by the participant.

  8. How will you check if the image submitted is original?
    Amazon reserves the right to ask for the high resolution/ RAW files of the images submitted and also reserves the right to reject the submission if it suspects plagiarism.

  9. When will the results of the contest be declared?
    The results will be declared within 2 weeks post the deadline for the contest entries.

Content FAQ:

  1. Is Amazon creating the videos, the blogs and other content that is going on the shutterbug page?
    The content for the program is created by content partners such as Toehold, Better Photography, and others. While they are creating this content for Shutterbug, it is based on their expertise with Amazon having no influence in the content creation. Amazon disclaims all liabilities and warranties, whether express or implied, relating to the accuracy, genuineness and appropriateness of such content and shall not be held liable for any reliance placed on such content for any reason whatsoever.

  2. How often will the content be updated?
    The monthly videos will be updated once a month. The recommended reads will chance at least once a month.