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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get started?

Customers must first download or update the latest version of the Amazon Music app for iOS or Android. Once you provide microphone access, you will be able to start using Alexa by just simply saying “Alexa, play music” when the app is open and on screen. You can always turn the feature on or off in the Amazon Music app settings.

2. What music voice controls are supported in the Amazon Music app?

All “play” utterances available on Echo devices with Amazon Music are enabled within the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android, including requests for music based on song title, artist name, mood, era, genre, and activity.

3. Can I use Alexa while using another app or when the device is locked?

Alexa only works when the app is open, in the foreground (in use), with the device unlocked. To prevent you from needing to unlock the device while driving, when hands-free mobile listening is enabled or when plugged in to a power source, the device’s screen is kept awake.

4. Can I use Alexa while Music is playing?

Yes, Alexa will be able to identify voice requests even while music is playing. Performance may depend on the quality of your device’s microphone, volume of the music, background noise, and whether music is playing from the device or an external speaker. We recommend using Alexa while connected to an external speaker such as a wired headset or the car audio system.