Inkjet Printers

Ink-jet printers as the name suggests, comprise of small ‘jets’ or ‘nozzles’ which form pictures or characters with little dots formed by tiny droplets of ink. These printers form characters on paper by spraying ink from tiny nozzles which is absorbed into the paper and dries instantly. These printers can be color or mono-chrome. To print just text, a mono-chrome printer which has just a black nozzle will suffice, however to print multiple colors you will need to go in for a color printer which has 3 additional nozzles – cyan, magenta & yellow.

Some printers come with all their color inks in a single cartridge, which means, if you want to replace one color, you must replace all the colors. Other color ink-jet printers allow you to replace ink individually. These printers are a better choice if user uses one color more than other colors. These printers produce less noise and print in better quality with greater speed