Newborn Baby Hospital Bag Checklist


During the course of pregnancy, a mother keeps dreaming of the time she will hold the little and adorable angel in her hands. Amidst that, it is very important to keep the hospital bag ready which should have items for the mother, baby and even the dad. It is ideal to prepare a checklist for the labour and delivery time for the mother and even for the baby’s arrival so that nothing is forgotten back home and is available at the time of need.

Hospital bag checklist for new-born baby:


All parents would want to ensure not missing a single thing that is a requisite for the new-born baby as all hospitals have distinct policy with the items they can provide. The inborn instincts and extra knowledge from books and internet help in finding out the important items which should be packed for the new born. Given below is a list for expected parents of all the essential items required for the new born baby:

• A car seat that has been permitted
• A outfit that can be used when the baby comes home
• Cosy and warm blankets
• Clothes as per the season; if winters- caps, gloves and in case of summers – light breathable clothes as the new-born’s skin is extremely delicate. Buy here

When should I pack my hospital bag and what should I have?

The mom should be all set and prepared by 36 weeks with the hospital bag ready in order to rush to the hospital as and when required. Many babies are born pre-mature and many mothers who have a normal delivery have to be taken to the hospital as soon as the labour pain erupts, this most commonly happens any time after the 34th week.
What to pack in the hospital bag for labour?

• Photo ID, notes, insurance forms, etc.
• Dressing gown for taking walks in the hospital corridors
• An old and comfortable nightdress or a loose t-shirt to be used for labour room
• Massage lotions or oil to be applied when in labour Buy here
• Lip balm
• Maternity bras
• Books, hairbands and accessories useful for the mother
• Pillows for additional support in the process of feeding the baby
• Books or magazines in order to pass time and relax
• A pair of socks to keep the feet warm at the time of labour

What to pack in dad’s hospital bag


Dads also have a major role to play at the time of labour, delivery and post-delivery. The labour process can sometimes be an enduring one and test the limits of your patience. The support of the to-be dad becomes very important to help the mother- to be remain comfortable and at ease for a smooth delivery. It is important for the dad-to be to have a list of the undermentioned items to be an ideal birthing partner.

• Loads of loose change of money
• Painkillers
• Swimsuit in case it has been decided to have a water birth
• Important tips to be used at the time of labour
• Comfortable shoes to do the required running about
• A pillow for oneself
• A compiled list with the required phone numbers to be accessed in need
• Change of clothes as taking a shower can be difficult
• Camera, camcorders or phones with prior permission to record the precious moments

What do you pack in a diaper bag?


Diapers are indispensable for the new baby, so having a diaper bag prior to the onset of the baby can be of great help. Having a properly stocked bag can help in running and avoiding panic. The diaper bag should have a waterproof lining to prevent spilling and contain several sections to store the items. The important items that need attention are:

• A large number of diapers, preferably one for each hour - Buy here
• Cleaning wipes and sanitizer Buy here
• Plastic bags to store soiled diapers
• Extra clothes for the baby
• Diaper rash ointment Buy here
• Tissues and bibs Buy here
• Mittens and nappies Buy here
• Few medicines kept in a sealed bag to avoid leakage
• Socks or booties
• Oils and powders Buy here