1.This Picsdream Moments & Memories offer ("Offer") is a limited period promotional offer provided by TNS Mobile India Private Limited ("TNS") and Addazz Online Services Private Limited ("Moments & Memories"). This Offer is made available on the website, the mobile site and the mobile application thereof (collectively, "") by Amazon Seller Services Private Limited ("Amazon").

2.Please read these terms and conditions ("Offer Terms") before availing the Offer. You agree that, by participating in this Offer, you will be deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by these Offer Terms and you acknowledge that you satisfy all eligibility requirements and conditions of the Offer, as provided herein below.

3.These Offer Terms are in addition to: (a) the Conditions of Use & Sale and Privacy Notice, to which you agree to by using; and (b) the terms and conditions of usage of M&M Application (defined below) and the M&M Code (as defined below) redemption terms provided by Moments & Memories.

4.This Offer will commence on April 30, 2018 and end on March 31, 2019 ("Offer Period"), or until the stocks of the Product (defined below) lasts, unless extended or terminated by TNS and/or Moments & Memories, in their sole discretion.

5.Subject to the Offer Terms, any person who:

(a) purchases a new Nokia 7 Plus mobile phone ("Product") on from the seller Green Mobiles ("Participating Seller") during the Offer Period; and

(b) thereafter downloads the Moments & Memories application on the Product, from the Google Play Store ("M&M Application");

will be entitled to receive the following benefits (each a "Benefit" and together "Benefits"):

(i) amongst all customers who undertake the steps detailed under sub-sections (a) and (b) above, the first 200 customers will be eligible to receive one (1) free personalized product from Moments & Memories, amongst the product list mentioned below:
• White & Colored Mugs; or
• Magic Mugs; or
• Paper Print Unframed - 5X5 / 6X6 / 7X7 / 8X12 / 12X18 / 24X16; or
• Canvas Unframed - 8X12.

(ii) All other customers who undertake the steps detailed under sub-sections (a) and (b) above, will be eligible to receive a Moments & Memories coupon code ("M&M Code") from Moments & Memories, subject to these Offer Terms.

  1. The M&M Code can be redeemed to avail 20% discount on the purchase of any product on the M&M Application.

  2. Subject to the Offer Terms and other applicable conditions, the M&M Code will be valid only till March 31st 2019, which means that the customer must redeem the M&M Code on or before such date.

  3. The customer will not be eligible to receive the Benefits if the order for the Product is cancelled (for any reason whatsoever) by the customer, the seller or Amazon, or if such purchased Product is returned by the customer. In such cases, the participation of the customer will be deemed withdrawn.

  4. This Offer can only be availed by the customer once during the Offer Period. In other words, a customer will be eligible to receive either: (i) one (1) personalized product from Moments & Memories provided such customer is amongst the first 200 customers who undertakes the steps mentioned under Section 5; or (ii) one (1) M&M Code to avail 20% discount, during the Offer Period, irrespective of the number of purchases made by the Customer.

  5. In the event any customer fails to meet any of the eligibility criteria stated in these Offer Terms, such customer will not be eligible to receive the Benefits under this Offer.

  6. By participating in this Offer, every customer expressly agrees that Amazon or any of its affiliates will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that an customer may suffer, directly or indirectly, in connection with a customer's use or misuse, verification, redemption and/or any other matter in relation to the Benefits or the Offer.

  7. The Benefits under this Offer cannot be redeemed / settled in cash and cannot be combined with any other offer/discount/promotion available on during the Offer Period.

  8. Amazon will send the M&M Code to the customer (subject to these Offer Terms) through e-mail on the email address of the customer registered with its account, within 60 days from the date of purchase of the Products. Amazon will receive the M&M Code from Moments & Memories and will distribute the same to the customers on "as-is" basis.

  9. Any queries in relation to the Benefits or the M&M Code (including use, redemption or value of benefits) should be addressed directly to Moments & Memories. Amazon will not be responsible and/ or liable for entertaining or resolving any queries or grievances regarding the status, use or misuse of the Benefits in any manner whatsoever.

  10. The M&M Code can be redeemed subject to the terms and conditions made available by Moments & Memories as detailed under Exhibit A of these Offer Terms.

  11. All disputes between the customer, TNS and/or Moments & Memories will be resolved inter se and Amazon will not (nor will be liable or obliged to) mediate or resolve any dispute or disagreement between the customer, TNS and/or Moments & Memories.

  12. No customer is bound in any way to participate in this Offer. Any such participation is purely voluntary.

  13. This Offer is not available on: (i) purchase of products other than the Product; or (ii) purchase of Products from sellers other than the Participating Seller.

  14. Nothing herein amounts to a commitment by Amazon, TNS or Moments & Memories to conduct further any similar or other offers.

  15. Amazon reserves the right to add, alter, and modify these Offer Terms at any time without prior notice and without liability, or to replace, wholly or in part, this Offer by another offer, whether similar to this Offer or not.

  16. These Offer Terms are governed by the laws of India. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.

Exhibit A

Please note that the following terms and conditions ("Moments & Memories T&Cs") are displayed on an "as-is" basis for information purposes only and are subject to change by Addazz Online Services Private Limited, at its sole discretion. By availing this Offer, you expressly agree and acknowledge that you will be bound by these Moments & Memories T&Cs and that Amazon Seller Services Private Limited shall not be liable and/or responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for any loss or damage caused to you in connection with the following Moments & Memories T&Cs. All capitalized terms not defined in this Moments & Memories T&Cs have the respective meanings set forth in the Offer Terms.

What is the Picsdream Offer?
1) Buy a Nokia 7 Plus mobile phone and winners stand a chance to get a free personalized merchandise on the Moments & Memories app of Picsdream.
2) To claim the offer, customer needs to download the Moments & Memories app from the Google Play Store.
3) Please note, the free merchandize offer is for 200 early bird customers only. However, rest of the customers can claim 20% discount on all products.
4) Once you buy the Nokia 7 Plus, you will receive a unique coupon code on your email account registered with (via an email sent by Amazon). You can use the coupon on the Picsdream’s Moments & Memories app. The app will also display if you are eligible for the early bird free merchandise offer or a 20% discount.
5) The Offer is available from 30th April, 2018 00:00:01am to 31st March, 2019 23:59:00pm only ("Offer Period").
6) The Offer is only applicable for customers buying Nokia 7 Plus mobile phones on
7) The Offer is applicable only for Indian customers, currently residing in India.
8) Any cancelled order(s) will not be eligible for the gift voucher.
9) The first 200 early bird customers can get 1 of the products for free from the list mentioned below:
a. White & Colored Mugs
b. Magic Mugs
c. Paper Print Unframed - 5X5, 6X6, 7X7, 8X12, 12X18, 24X16
d. Canvas Unframed - 8X12
When will I get the Merchandize?
Once you have placed an order successfully on Picsdream, you should receive it within 5 – 7 working days.