1) Why do I need car insurance?

Car insurance offers financial protection to you as a car owner in the event of unfortunate circumstances. Opting for a comprehensive policy covers you for events including third-party losses like death, injury or property damage as well as losses to your car due to damages incurred during calamities, theft, accidents, etc. It is also mandatory by law for car owners to have third party insurance.

2) What is the difference between Third Party Risk Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance?

A Comprehensive car Insurance includes coverage for both damages caused to third-party person / property as well as protection against damages to your car due to calamities, accidents, theft, fire etc. The coverage offered for Third Party insurance is limited to third-party damages and does not cover damages to your car.

3) How is digital insurance purchase different from traditional models of insurance purchase?

In the traditional model, you have to engage with an agent right from obtaining a quote to generating the policy, often requiring multiple follow ups and paper work. Digital insurance companies offer a seamless consumer journey that enables you to complete an insurance purchase transaction in a matter of a few minutes, while ensuring complete coverage and round the clock assistance. Such a customer centric approach enables them to offer you convenience, better benefits (hassle free claims process with guaranteed TATs) and lower prices compared to traditional companies.