Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Mera Pehla Smartphone”/ My first Smartphone?

Mera Pehla Smartphone’ is Airtel’s initiative to digitally empower every Indian with a 4G Smartphone by partnering with manufactures to bring affordable 4G Smartphones. Airtel has partnered with Amazon to provide a wide range of devices under this program and additional cashback in the form of Amazon Pay Balance. The offer is valid on smartphones on this page purchased between May 17, 2018 and May 27, 2018. For detailed terms and condition, please click here

2. What do I get?

• 4G Smartphone (Select from list of devices below)
• Cashback of Rs. 2000 from Airtel without Handset return
• Cashback of Rs. 600 from Amazon Pay Balance
• Special Recharge of Rs. 169 with Unlimited Calling and 1 GB data per day with 28 days validity

3. Is there a Handset return condition for getting cashback?

No, you do not need to return the phone for availing the cashback. The ownership of the smartphone is completely with you and there is no obligation to return the device to Airtel/ Amazon at any point to claim the cashback.

Questions on Airtel Cashback

4. When do I get the Airtel cashback?

Customer will get total cashback of Rs. 2000 after 36 months in his Airtel Payments Bank Account.
• At the end of 18 months customer will get Rs. 500
• At the end of 36 months customer will get Rs. 1500 in his Airtel Payments Bank account

5. Eligibility for cashback?

• The customer will get a cash refund of Rs 500 after 18 months on the device and another Rs 1000 after 36 months, taking the total cash benefit to Rs 1500. The refund will be given in the customer’s Airtel Payments Bank account.
• In case the customer does not wish to opt for the special Rs 169 bundled plan, she/he has the flexibility of doing recharges of any denomination and validity as per individual requirements. Recharges worth Rs 3500 must be done on the Device within the first 18 months (to claim the first refund installment of Rs 500) and another Rs 3500 on the mobile number over the next 18 months (to claim the second refund installment of Rs 1000).
• Additionally for cashback, Customer needs to be an active Airtel subscriber i.e recharge his Airtel Mobile atleast once every month

6. What is the process of getting cashback of Rs. 500?

• Customer is eligible when the Airtel Mobile number associated with the offer is recharged with Rs. 3500 over 18 months on the device & one recharge of any denomination every month
• At the end of 18 month and 36 months customer needs to claim the cashback by clicking on the offer banner on My Airtel App
• The cashback will automatically reflect in his/her Airtel Payments Bank account

7. Do I need to Recharge on the same Device for the cashback?

• For the first instalment of Rs. 500 in 18 months you need to Recharge with total value of Rs. 3500 on the device purchased from under this special offer.
• For the second installment os Rs. 1500 you can recharge on any device with total recharge value of Rs. 3500 in 18 months

Questions on Amazon Cashback

8. What is the process for getting the cashback?

You are eligible for 24 cashbacks of Rs. 25 each per month against each Airtel mobile recharge of Rs. 169 on Amazon. Every month, when you perform a Rs.169 special recharge on Amazon, a cashback of Rs.25 will be credited to your Amazon Pay Balance account within 72 business hours. You can recharge on Amazon here You can view your Amazon Pay Balance here
In order to be eligible for the offer you need to perform your first recharge of Rs. 169 on your newly purchased Amazon exclusive device before 30th June, 2018. After the first recharge, you need to recharge for Rs. 169 within a month of first recharge to be eligible for the next cashback of Rs.25. To be eligible for every subsequent cashback of Rs.25 each month, a recharge of Rs.169 needs to be done on Amazon within a month of the previous recharge. If you do not recharge for Rs.169 in any month, then you are not eligible for subsequent cashbacks thereafter.

9. When do I get the cashback?

You get the Rs. 25 cashback within 3 business days of performing the recharge for Rs. 169 on Amazon. To recharge on Amazon, click here

10. If there is already an existing cashback offer running for recharges, will I get that cashback also in addition to the Rs.25 cashback?

You will get greater of the two cashbacks and not both.

11. Where can I use my Amazon Pay balance?

• You can use your Amazon Pay balance for Recharges and bill payments on here
• You can also use Amazon Pay balance as a payment method for purchasing on
• For paying for movie tickets booked through Book my show