We've all been there at some point when we've started to panic that we're losing too much hair. And since there's really not enough time to make and use homemade remedies, we rely on over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners to turn things around. But which of these retail products actually do the job? I tried out Indulekha’s Bringha anti hair fall regime, that consists of a hair oil and an anti hair fall shampoo, to see if it works as well as it claims. Here are the results:

Indulekha Bringha hair oil review


The selfie bottle, as it is called, has a smart and unique design. Meant to make applying hair oil an easy matter, this selfie bottle has a special applicator tip that has comb-like bristles. When squeezed, the oil seeps through to the holes of the applicator so you can apply it easily onto your hair.

Texture, colour and fragrance:

The Indulekha oil is red in color. As for consistency, it is slightly on the thinner side and there is a bit of stickiness to it but nothing that's over the top. This oil, like many Ayurvedic oils, has a strong scent that lingered even after I washed my hair.


  • This oil has an impressive list of herbal ingredients all blended together to form a complete hair care solution good enough to treat common hair issues like dandruff, white hair, grey hair, and to a certain extent, baldness.

  • Regular application of the Indulekha oil made my hair grow longer. It also added more volume by making it slightly more thick.

  • Its nourishing effect made my hair become stronger, and look more black and shiny.


  • The oil has a powerful scent that some might find offensive.

  • Not pocket friendly.

Price: Rs. 398 for 100ml

Rating: 4/5

Indulekha anti hair fall shampoo review

It’s important to adjust your expectations when it comes to shampoos for hair loss. There is no miracle hair growth product (sorry about that). So, hair loss shampoos tend to focus on hair retention along with hair and scalp conditioning rather than regrowth.


The shampoo has a basic packaging with a flip opening cap. The bottle is opaque and brown colored just like the Indulekha hair oil. Therefore it is difficult to see how much shampoo is still left in the bottle. It comes in variants of 100ml and 200ml. The shampoo has a shelf life of 2 years.


The shampoo smells of Ayurvedic herbs. The scent is certainly sharp on the nose but it is not as strong as the hair oil. Also, only a faint note of the fragrance lingers in your hair post rinsing.


  • The formula creates a good lather with a small quantity of the product. While shampooing, it feels cool on the scalp which is calming and refreshing. My hair felt cleaner, softer, and was easy to brush afterward. And my hair definitely felt light on my scalp, without weighing down on it.

  • The shampoo also rinses off easily without feeling like there is any slippery residue left behind. The shampoo is able to remove dirt and impurities effectively in one wash.

  • Post air-drying, my hair felt soft and smooth. The shampoo also adds a lot of bounce to my thin hair making it appear more thick and full.


  • Whenever I oiled my hair heavily with the Indulekha hair oil or other dense oils, it failed to remove it completely. In that case, I required a double wash, which would make my hair dry and frizzy.

  • Ideally, a conditioner is needed with this shampoo, otherwise the dryness leads to breakage and hair fall.

  • The sharp fragrance might be unappealing for some.

Price: Rs. 198 for 200ml

Rating: 3.8/5

*Products reviewed on request by Amazon Beauty Content Manager, Sobiya Naiem Moghul