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Encouraging online shoppers to go digital

With the launch of Amazon Pay, a host of shoppers are now shifting to digital payment methods for ease and convenience. Some customers share their experiences with us. Read on to know more

Amazon Stories

“Sometimes my credit card fails and that’s why I prefer to shop with Amazon Pay balance, especially for flash sale items, because I know my transaction will go through 100%."
This is the experience of KJ Rajesh, a Mangalore-based IT professional, who like many others has discovered the ease of shopping and payment via their Amazon Pay accounts. "Add money in an instant from multiple payment methods and use it whenever you want,” says Rajesh, adding, “It also gives me a faster checkout experience on” A loyal Amazon customer since 2014, he used to make credit card payments for all his Amazon purchases. That was his online shopping story till he discovered the new cash load at doorstep feature on Amazon Pay balance. The 30-year-old Amazon customer first tried out our digital payment solution with added features in October last year. He began by ordering household grocery using Amazon Pay balance. That very month he shopped again for personal care products using Amazon Pay, before topping up his Amazon Pay account with a credit card.

Young India Goes Digital

Amazon Stories Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay balance’s new cash load at doorstep feature has helped convert a host of Cash-on-Delivery (COD) shoppers to digital payment methods, who were earlier either hesitant about making online payments or did not have digital payment access. Take the case of the young college student from Jaipur, Neeraja Sahni, who stays with her parents and does not have her own bank account. A recent Amazon customer, Neeraja was a COD shopper till she was introduced to Amazon Pay balance by the Delivery Associate (DA) during a cash transaction at his doorstep. With neither Neeraja nor the Amazon DA agent having the exact cash balance for closing the transaction, the DA suggested that she load the change into Amazon Pay. At first hesitant to use the feature, Neeraja was reassured once the DA showed her the confirmation alert on the transaction device that showed her change had been loaded into her Amazon Pay account. The very next day Neeraja used her Pay balance to recharge her mobile phone and availed a 50% cashback offer on Impressed with the ease of using Amazon Pay, she contacted Customer Service to learn how to add money into his account and convinced her father the very same day to load her pocket allowance into Amazon Pay. Now Neeraja only uses Amazon Pay for all her online orders. In fact, he has also easily purchased reference books via Kindle e-books for his exams, something he was unable to do earlier as a COD customer. “Now my family and friends take my advice for using Amazon Pay balance!” laughs young Neeraja.

Convenience with Amazon Pay

Amazon Stories, Amazon Pay

Forty-year-old Mumbai businessman, Shashank Shah, is another loyal Amazon customer who switched to Amazon Pay once he experienced its convenience. Since 2015, he always used his PSU bank account’s net banking option for his payments. In September last year, he learnt about an attractive offer on Amazon Pay balance and tried it for the first time. Now Shashank has completely switched over to Amazon Pay.
“I chose to shop with Amazon Pay balance because it is really very easy to use and it works very fast when it comes to fee processing or fee refund as compare to online transactions using debit, credit or net banking,” he says. His main complaint earlier was that his net banking transactions did not always go through due to OTP failures, after which he often had to wait for a week for his refunds to get credited to his bank account.

Amazon Stories cash loads
  • Removes hassle of managing changes for cash on delivery customers
  • Promotes digital inclusion
  • Saves time for delivery associates and customers
  • Enables customers to top up their balance using cash and avail digital services such as Mobile recharges, Food Delivery, Ticketing.
  • Helps cash customers to migrate to digital payments, promoting vision of less-cash society

Enhancing customer payment experience

Amazon Pay balance is a digital payment solution that lets you can make online transactions on as well as on partner websites and apps. Amazon Pay balance allows online shoppers to add funds for shopping on and other partner websites and apps in a simple and convenient way. The account can be easily topped up through a credit/debit card or net banking.
In addition, Amazon customers can now top up their Amazon Pay balance by paying cash. They can either give the Amazon DA additional cash or receive the balance change from their COD transaction into their Amazon Pay account. The load amount is instantly updated on a shopper’s account once the cash load is completed, along with notifications via SMS as well as email with the details of their transactions. Mahendra Nerurkar, Director Amazon Pay, says, “We continuously seek to enhance our customers’ payment experience and increase their preference for digital payments. With Amazon Pay cash load, customers across India can now easily load cash at their doorstep once and pay digitally henceforth. 1 in every 3 of our cash paying customer has already begun using the service and getting its benefits.” The vision of Amazon Pay is to be the most trusted and convenient payment experience for customers, sellers and merchants alike. It consists of curated payment experiences across existing payment methods and owned issued payment instruments that offer payment convenience.

(Disclaimer: Names have been changed to protect customer identity and images used are for representational purposes only)