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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Scheduled Delivery?

Scheduled Delivery allows you to choose a date and time convenient to you for delivery. This means you don’t have to worry about the product reaching home while you’re not present.

2. How do I choose this option?

For eligible orders, the scheduled delivery option will appear on the checkout page.

3. I’m unable to see this option appear for my product. What do I do?

Scheduled delivery is currently available only in select pincodes. To see if your product is eligible for scheduled delivery, choose your product and update the pin code on the product page where you want it delivered. Proceed to the checkout page to check if the scheduled delivery option appears for your pin code and product.

4. What is the time range I could choose from for scheduled delivery?

We currently offer scheduled delivery options to our customers ranging from next day delivery to 14 days from the date of ordering.

5. What are the cities where Amazon currently provides the Scheduled Delivery option?

We currently provide customers with this option in a total of 52 cities in India including the major metros.

6. Can I schedule my pick up as well in case of a return?

Yes. In the unlikely scenario that you receive a damaged/defective product, we will arrange a pick up at your location at the time scheduled by you at no extra cost.

7. How do we ensure damage free delivery?

Our warehouses are equipped with special handling equipment. Appliances are staged on special stations which help in reducing damages. We avoid manual handling of heavy weight shipments within our warehouses.

8. How does this lead to damage free delivery to my doorstep?

Our delivery associates are trained specifically for delivery of TVs & large appliances. They are equipped with dedicated equipment that help them ensure a damage free delivery to your doorstep. These equipment help reduce damages and improves overall delivery experience for our customers.

9. What if my order is still damaged during delivery?

We take all precautions to ensure a hassle free, seamless delivery experience for our customers. However, in case there are certain scenarios where the product still is damaged during transit/ delivery, we ensure that the customer gets a new product at no extra cost.