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Packed with innovative and futuristic technologies, the Samsung Family Hub is more than just a refrigerator. Loaded with smart features such as food management and home entertainment and advanced fridge features like Triple Cooling, Flex Zone and more, enjoy a never-before refrigerator experience with the Samsung Family Hub, available exclusively on

Shop for the Samsung Family Hub and Enjoy Unique Smart Features

Apart from keeping your stored food cool and fresh for later consumption, a refrigerator also makes storing leftover food, cold storage products and other items a breeze. Taking it to the next level, the Samsung Family Hub is more than a fridge as it is loaded with several smart features to make your life easier and more fun. Featuring food management, you can do various things such as view contents and set its individual expiry dates along with syncing grocery lists of your entire family by utilizing its smart features. Shop for the Samsung Family Home smart refrigerator, available exclusively on Amazon India and enjoy sharing photos, calendars, notes and more between your smartphone and refrigerator for an integrated experience like never before.

An All-in-one Entertainment Hub for the Kitchen

Along with its smart capabilities, the Samsung Family Hub also allows you to watch TV shows, movies or any media on your smartphone or Samsung Smart TV to enable uninterrupted entertainment even when you are in the kitchen. With built-in speakers from AKG, enjoy premium quality sound whether you are watching your favorite show or listening to soothing music while cooking your favorite dishes.

Experience Advanced Technological Features with the Samsung Family Hub

Featuring a revolutionary new Triple Cooling, the Samsung Family Hub ensures that your food stays fresh for longer without letting odor from different foods mix into each other. Its Flex Zone feature allows you to preserve different foods at their own optimal temperature, giving you unmatched flexibility and control over your food preservation. The ice and water dispenser makes it easy to obtain both cool water and ice without having to open the refrigerator door. Bring home the Samsung Family Hub by shopping for it on and experience the future of smart refrigeration.