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Do you get high on music? Do artists of yesteryears like Lata Mangeshkar, Kishor Kumar, S D Burman appeal to your music senses like none other? Listen to the legendary artists and other new singers at the Saregama Music Card store at Amazon India.

Here’s your chance to listen to the celebrated music of the bygone days of Hindi cinema. Saregama brings you a special music card store which features the popular Hindi musical pieces by legendary artists. Browse the entire selection to find your favourites at their best price.

Listen to the Golden Voices

The body of Indian popular music has been further enriched by Hindi film songs. While cassettes and CDs ruled for more than a decade, they are no longer in vogue now. However, to recreate the same magic of the melodious numbers, Saregama brings you a more convenient choice, the music card. These music cards have different kinds of capacities and can store hundreds and thousands of songs.

Choose from a Plethora of Musical Pieces

Apart from popular Hindi songs, you will also find classical pieces, Sufi music, English numbers and more. These music cards are the size of your credit card and can be connected to your laptop or tablet via the USB port. Owing to their small size and light weight, you can carry them with you and listen to your favourite songs while you are on the go. These music cards also allow you storage space in addition to the songs.