does the reverse hair washing method really work

We Indians are genetically blessed with a good crop of hair, but lifestyle changes, work pressures and too much styling makes this once-upon-a-time beautiful hair into something that is dull, flat and lifeless. To tackle this we again go through a string of treatments that makes them more frizzy, brittle and almost dead.

So what do we do? Give our daily monotonous regimes a spin maybe.

I took my leap of faith and tried the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System. The Reverse Wash System is simple:

a. Apply conditioner to wet hair. Let it soak in for a minute or more. Rinse!

b. Shampoo as you would normally.

Now, I am that quintessential Indian girl who loves her long hair and does everything in the book to keep them healthy. I religiously indulge in weekly oil massages, natural home remedies and shampooing thrice a week regime. So when I heard about the reverse wash system for hair, I was intrigued.

In order to test how effective this duo I used the product three different types and here is how it fared:

1. Post an oil massage

Imagine me as that village simpleton who ties her hair back after a rich oil champi. I was skeptical if the conditioner will even work on oily hair. So I used more than a coin size product to lather my hair tips. I washed it off after a minute.


• Hair felt soft and silky post wash.
• The fragrance is heavenly and lingers till the end of day 1
• The volume and shine to the hair is pretty evident
• Hair feels more manageable and styles quickly.


You might need to shampoo twice to get your hair oil-free.

2. Post oil-cream massage

This is more of work week regime where oil-in-creams are more stress and hassle free. The duo works like a dream, you can feel your hair smoothen while you wash.


• Adds instant volume and life to the hair
• Hair acquires its original form, but in a more beautiful way. My naturally curly hair turned into smooth, shiny, easy falling curls in just one wash.


• None

3. Post dry hair wash

This was the easiest and took the least amount of product and effort.


• The conditioner in particular is excellent at detangling and is very moisturizing.
• I rarely use heat on my hair. I generally just use a bit of leave-in conditioner and let it air-dry. And doing this exact routine after Reverse Washing leaves my hair incredibly bouncy, healthy-looking and frizz-free.
• My natural waves dry into little loose ringlets.


• Hair goes back to original form on the second day.

So in a nutshell, it is a must use product. After all it is exciting to break the mundane and try and do something interesting once in while. One with such good results, it’s a clear winner.


Rating: 4/5