Congratulations Grand Prize Winners!

Kailash & Anshuman

Congratulations Fitbit Flex winners!

Q1 Winners: Pranav & Nandish
Q2 Winners: Priyanshu & Saksham
Q3 Winners: Yaman & Danish
Q4 Winners: Kumail & Ajay
Q5 Winners: Suraj & Gaurav
Q6 Winners: Abhinaya & Vardhan
Q7 Winners: Utkarsh & Sai
Q8 Winners: Phuchung & Ajay
Q9 Winners: Minoo & Rahul
Q10 Winners: Zishan & Tushar

Weekly quiz fixtures

Q1: 4th Oct – 10th Oct
Q2: 11th Oct – 17th Oct
Q3: 18th Oct – 24th Oct
Q4: 25th Oct – 31st Oct
Q5: 1st Nov - 7th Nov
Q6: 8th Nov - 14th Nov
Q7: 15th Nov - 21st Nov
Q8: 22nd Nov - 28th Nov
Q9: 29th Nov - 5th Dec
Q10: 6th Dec - 12th Dec

The winners of the weekly quiz, will be announced on the

Let's Talk Football' segment on Star Sports HD

and contacted, and announced on this page as per the schedule below.

Winner announcement schedule

Winners for Q1: 18th Oct
Winners for Q2: 25th Oct
Winners for Q3: 1st Nov
Winners for Q4: 8th Nov
Winners for Q5: 15th Nov
Winners for Q6: 22nd Nov
Winners for Q7: 29th Nov
Winners for Q8: 6th Dec
Winners for Q9: 13th Dec
Winners for Q10: 20th Dec

The grand prize winner will be announced here on this page and on the program by 27th December.