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As simple as it may sound, laundry and utilities in a modern home, refers to washing machines, dryers, iron boards etc. Traditionally, located at the basement of houses, these rooms can also be located near the kitchen or near the bedrooms.

Proper Planning is Required for a Well-Built Laundry and Utilities Space.

If you have been looking to make your home clutter free, then nothing can yield results than a neatly arranged laundry and utilities room. As open space cooking area and living spaces are highly popular, keeping all items to keep your home tidy under one roof has become all the more relevant. Start with spotting a specific space for your utility room. Follow it up with the items that you might need to keep in that room. For example, you can keep the washing machine, dryers and iron boards at one corner. You can also built a wall space to store additional items like cloth pegs, wipes, brushes and brooms for efficient storage purposes. A large sink is one of the basic essentials for handwashing apparels.

While designing a laundry room, it is important to consider the color before you start using the space. Generally, clean-feeling white color is the most preferred choice however one can also opt for pastel hues like pink, light blue and yellow. And if you are more on the jazzy side, you can add prints and add brighter hues too!

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Store All the Laundry and Utilities Items in a Neat Manner.

Like kitchen, a laundry and utilities space is one of the most functional rooms in a house. Therefore, every item that you need to place should be streamlined and properly executed. If you have a large family, you can put a laundry basket each in every room. In addition, a cupboard will help to store all smaller items like irons, cloth hangers, fabric shaver with ease. So, get creative and start organizing all the products to make way for a practical room.