About Aastha Parivaar
Aastha Parivaar is a community-led organization and is one of India’s largest federations of male, female and transgender sex workers spread across Mumbai and Thane districts of Maharashtra state. It is constituted by 13 community based organizations which consist of various typologies of workers and was formed under the Aastha Project in May 2008. It aims at providing a platform to all members to address their common needs such as health, human rights, crisis intervention, literacy, legal literacy and support to their children via education and nutrition for a sustainable impact.

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Geographical Presence and Impact
Since 2008, Aastha Parivaar has come a long way in reaching out to sex workers in various locations all over Mumbai and Thane. The beneficiaries are enrolled to a platform where they can voice their hardships and opinions about matters that affect them closely. They are provided with legal assistance and police intervention during times of crisis. They are closely monitored for HIV and health camps are held for generation ailments due to their deficiency in immunity. They are urged to open bank accounts and save for their future.

While Aastha Parivaar does not rehabilitate them, they do provide the women with an access to livelihood opportunities, where they can learn to make chocolates, agarbattis, perfumes, soaps, kolhapuris, diyas, and undergo beautician courses, mehendi courses or tailoring classes. They are given skills which they can later commercialize. For a dignified acceptance into the world, regular meetings are held with population that isn’t working with the community. This not only encourages them to seek a better income opportunity but many of these conversations have led to the women to seek diversified career options for their children

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