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3D AR coloring book

Launching 3D Live Coloring AR Books for the first time in India!

Bring your coloring to life with Augmented Reality (AR) Books

Instructions for using the book
Choose a picture
Revive & play with it
How to use the app?
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Please note:

• An Android or iOS smartphone or tablet is required.
• Working internet connection is required to download and use all of the features of the app.
• Once the app is downloaded, the Augmented Reality features do not need working internet connection. It works offline as well.
• This app ONLY works with ‘Devar Kids – Menakabooks’ Live Coloring AR Books.

About AR books:

MediaNext Infoprocessors Pvt. Ltd. (Menakabooks), in association with Laboratory 24 (Devar Kids, Russia), pioneers in Augmented Reality Technology brings Live Coloring Books and 3D Coloring Games to India!

Pairing these unique books with an innovative ‘Devar Kids’ App gives parents and kids the ability to interact with their real world creations like never before. Characters fly out of your coloring pages coming to life and interacting with you through augmented reality. The characters appear in 3D when viewed through the app, exactly as they have been colored. These books come as a great tool for creative developmental activity. You kids will love these books!

Devar Kids