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Amazon Shutterbug

An India first initiative, Shutterbug is designed to be a close-knit community for photography enthusiasts. At its heart, Shutterbug comes with the aim to educate and upskill budding photographers in India.

To achieve this, Amazon has partnered with Toehold Travel & Photography, a renowned training brand helmed by Jayanth Sharma, a Sanctuary Asia award-winning photographer. Shutterbug will feature original bite-sized video training content and exercises from Toehold.

There is also a formal course that’s part of the upskilling initiative, known as Essentials of Photography. The Essentials course will feature five modules with 17 videos.

Shutterbug will also feature monthly content on advanced techniques on different genres of photography. In order to encourage and celebrate photographers around the country, the club will organize a fortnightly theme-based photography contest which will be judged by Toehold and imaging brand partners.

Winning photos and photographers will be featured on Amazon India’s Instagram handle and the Shutterbug gallery. In order to facilitate closer interactions between its members, experts and the photography community at large, the club will also organize offline events like photo walks, workshops, and networking sessions in several cities in India every month.


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